Radionuclide transport in the aquatic system

Working Group on model validation for radionuclide transport in the aquatic system "Watershed-River" and in estuaries

The Working Group defined several priorities to select the scenarios for the intercomparison exercise: important radionuclides other than Cs and Sr, extreme events, physical factors dealing with remobilization, biological factors dealing with migration and modelling countermeasures. In addition, the Working Group agreed to significantly contribute to the EMRAS Working Group devoted to the revision of the IAEA-TRS report 364, a handbook of parameter values for the prediction of radionuclide transfer in temperate environments.



  • Mr. Luigi Monte, Working Group Leader
    Ente Nazionale per le Energie Alternative
  • Mr. Diego Telleria, IAEA Scientific Secretary
    Department of Nuclear Safety and Security


| Last update: Tuesday, December 9, 2014.