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  • To look at available files and open them simply select a folder from the left hand menu.
  • To add a comment in the 'Drafts for comment' folder you need to login with your username and password (if you have already registered).
  • If you need to upload a comment but do not have a username then you can request one by clicking on this .

Information on the Committees activities

  • At the time the Committees meet, in the folder "Drafts for comments" you have access to all documents submitted to the Safety Standards Committees and to the comments uploaded by the Safety Standards Committees members.
  • For the Nuclear Security Guidance Committee, the material submitted for review is available on a dedicated page within the NUSEC web page.

55th meeting of the CSS

Material for the 55th meeting of the CSS

  • In the folder "CSS documents for comments" you will have access to all documents submitted to the 55th CSS meeting for endorsement or comments. There will be one subfolder for each document where, once logged in, the CSS members can upload their comments on that document.
  • The folder "Documents provided by the Secretariat for information" contains the documents or reports posted for information in support of specific agenda items.
  • The presentations for the next meeting agenda item on Use of IAEA Safety Standards in Member States should be sent to the Scientific Secretary who will post them in the folder "Presentations provided by the CSS members".
  • Other general information on the Committees and the Commission are available on the main Committees page.
  • You may also access the dedicated web page of the Interface Group.

Further guidance on the use of this page

  • Further guidelines on the use of this page by the CSS members is available in the folder "How to use this CSS web page".

| Last update: 20 June 2024.