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The Department of Nuclear Safety and Security issues safety standards, nuclear security guidelines and other publications relating to safety and security in accordance with its Programme.

Every effort is made to disseminate these publications in full text, downloadable pdf format. Publications issued before 1995 are not always available in pdf format, but may be obtained in hard-copy format (if available) on request from the IAEA Publications Section.

Safety Standards and Nuclear Security Guidelines

Safety Standards Series

The IAEA safety standards reflect an international consensus on what constitutes a high level of safety for protecting people and the environment from harmful effects of ionizing radiation.

They establish fundamental safety principles, requirements and measures to control the radiation exposure of people and the release of radioactive material to the environment, to restrict the likelihood of events that might lead to a loss of control over a nuclear reactor core, nuclear chain reaction, radioactive source or any other source of radiation, and to mitigate the consequences of such events if they do occur. The standards apply to facilities and activities that give rise to radiation risks, including nuclear installations, the use of radiation and radioactive sources, the transport of radioactive material and the management of radioactive waste.

Nuclear Security Series

The IAEA Nuclear Security Series of publications provides guidelines on the prevention and detection of, and response to, theft, sabotage, unauthorized access, and illegal transfer or other malicious acts involving nuclear material and other radioactive material and their associated facilities. These publications are consistent with, and complement, international nuclear security instruments, such as the amended Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, the Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources, United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1373 and 1540, and the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism.

Related series

Publications in the series listed below do not establish international consensus-based requirements or present recommendations, and therefore they do not contain prescriptive ‘shall’ statements and generally do not contain prescriptive ‘should’ statements.

Safety Reports Series

Publications in the Safety Reports Series report on practical examples and detailed methods for the application or use of Safety Requirements or Safety Guides. Other publications in the Safety Reports Series may be in the form of monographs on various scientific and technical subjects that are safety related.

IAEA Technical documents (TECDOCS)

The IAEA-TECDOC Series includes both documentation of the proceedings of small meetings and monograph type documents. Publications are issued in the TECDOC series if it is expected that the lifetime of the publication may be short, or if the subject matter is of a tentative nature or of relatively low significance to Member States. (TECDOCs are also issued by the IAEA in areas other than nuclear safety and security.)

Emergency Preparedness and Response Series

Publications in the EPR Series are, practical publications that support the use of the Safety Guides, or the relevant Conventions. They are developed by the Incident and Emergency Centre. more

IAEA Services Series

The Services Series typically includes guidelines on the preparation, conduct, reporting and follow-up of safety review and assessment missions. The guidelines are addressed, principally, to the team members of review missions. However, they also provide guidance to the host organization receiving a mission.

INSAG Series

The INSAG Series was introduced for the publication of reports to the Director General on safety matters by the International Nuclear Safety Group (INSAG). INSAG is an independent expert group established in 1985 by the Director General of the IAEA. more

Training Course Series

Publications in the Training Course Series contain lecture notes or other training material. (Publications in the Training Course Series are also issued in areas other than nuclear safety and security.)

Radiological Assessment Reports Series

Reports on assessments of radiological conditions, such as conditions of exposure to radiation due to radioactive residues from nuclear weapon testing, are published in the Radiological Assessment Reports Series. Their purpose is to report on radiological conditions and to disseminate conclusions and recommendations for any further actions necessary for the protection of human health and the environment. more

Provision for the Application of Safety Standards

The IAEA’s Statute authorizes it to provide for the application of its standards at the request of any State, including through independent peer review appraisal services to determine the status of compliance with its standards. Reports on the Transport Safety Appraisal Service are issued in the series Provision for the Application of Safety Standards

Proceedings Series

Proceedings are the published record of conferences and symposia; they typically contain the opening addresses, keynote speeches, contributed papers, presentations, topical discussions held during the gathering, conclusions and summaries of sessions. more


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