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Safety Assessment of Nuclear Power Programmes

Support Member States in achieving a high level of safety in nuclear power plant design and excellence in safety assessment

The IAEA’s safety assessment activities focus on the development, promotion and application of an integrated approach to safety Sample measurement analysisassessment and evaluation by:

  • Developing IAEA Safety Standards for a broad range of plant conditions and nuclear power systems to ensure an integrated focus on safety performance;
  • Applying safety assessment expertise through Technical Safety Review (TSR) services that are conducted in support of Member States during the following life cycle stages: conceptual design, various pre-licensing as well as licensing phases, nuclear power plants construction and operation including periodic safety reviews and life time extension. Additionally, TSR can address specific technical or regulatory aspects, such as plans for plant modifications or safety regulations developed consistent with IAEA design safety and safety assessment requirements;
  • Sharing safety assessment expertise by assisting Member States in increasing their capacity and competences to achieve a high level of safety through an integrated and consistent approach in the application of the IAEA safety standards;
  • Sharing expertise through the Safety Assessment Education and Training Programme (SAET). The SAET Programme supports Member States in developing the required safety assessment capacity and competences;
  • Connecting safety assessment experts through the Global Safety Assessment Network (GSAN) links experts worldwide and facilitates focused collaboration on safety assessment capacity building. GSAN harmonizes and supports global nuclear safety assessment activities, especially for those countries expanding and developing nuclear programmes worldwide.

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