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Operational Safety and Experience Feedback

Operational Safety ReviewThe main objective of the Operational Safety Section is to assist Member States in enhancing the operational safety of nuclear power plants. This is achieved through the use and development of the IAEA Safety Standards and the promotion of continuous self assessment of nuclear power plants through operational safety review
team (OSART) and peer review of operational safety performance experience (PROSPER) and assistance activities based on IAEA Safety Standards.

The information disseminated to Member States includes good practices of nuclear installations plus model insights from the industry.

Safety Standards for Operational Safety

Enhancing operational safety performance

To ensure that Member States possess the capabilities to manage and enhance the level of nuclear safety of their nuclear power plants through the development and application of the Agency Safety Standards and Operational Safety Review Team (OSART).

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Strengthening the sharing and use of international operating experience

To confirm and enhance, wherever necessary, the effective use of national and international operating experience feedback; to achieve a high level of self-assessment capabilities in operational safety for all Member States.

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Improving Leadership, Management and Culture for Safety

To provide advice and assistance to Member States in enhancing the safety culture of a nuclear facility. To provide the host nuclear facility with advice in areas where safety culture should be improved to meet IAEA Safety Standards, and to identify strength in safety culture.

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Supporting long term operation safety of nuclear power plants

To strengthen safety in nuclear power plants in respect of management of ageing and other time depending degradation processes, in particular through safety services and expert missions in the scope of Safety Aspects of Long Term Operation (SALTO) peer review missions. To improve the guidance on ageing management and long term operation (LTO) preparation. To collate and publish the proven practices on ageing management and time limited ageing analysis and using them as a tool for systematic approach to ageing management.

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