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Establishing the Safety Infrastructure

Safety Guide on establishing the safety infrastructure for a nuclear power programme

A nuclear power programme is a major undertaking requiring careful planning, preparation and a major investment in time and human resources. While nuclear power is not unique in this respect, it is different because of the safety issues associated with the possession and handling of nuclear material and the long time commitment to ensuring safety after the decision to embark on a nuclear power programme has been made.

SSG-16 provides guidance on the implementation of the IAEA Safety Standards.

The objective of this Safety Guide is to provide guidance on the establishment of a safety infrastructure in accordance with the IAEA safety standards when a country is considering and preparing to embark on a national nuclear power programme. In this regard, it proposes 200 safety-related actions to be taken in the first three phases (until the plant is ready for commissioning) of the development of the nuclear power programme, in order to achieve the foundation for a high level of safety during the entire lifetime of the nuclear power plant, including associated waste management and decommissioning.

SSG-16 Document

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The following elements of the safety infrastructure are addressed in the safety guide: national policy and strategy for safety; global nuclear safety regime; legal framework; regulatory framework; transparency and openness; funding and financing; external support organizations and contractors; leadership and management for safety; human resources development; research for safety and regulatory purposes; radiatin protection; safety assessment; safety of radioactive waste, spent fuel management and decommissioning; emergency preparedness and response; operating organization; site survey, selection and evaluation; design safety; preparation for commissioning; transport safety and interfaces with nuclear security.

The users of this Safety Guide are expected to be individuals and organizations involved in the preparation and implementation of the national nuclear power programme. This Safety Guide was published in 2011 and it is currently under revision to incorporate the safety insights of the accident in the Fukushima Daiichi NPP.

Introduction to Establishing Safety Infrastructure for Countries Embarking on Nuclear Power

Presentation on:
"Establishing Safety Infrastructure for Countries Embarking on Nuclear Power"
from the 56th IAEA General Conference
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Safety Packages

A Safety Package is being developed by the IAEA to support countries considering and preparing to embark on a Nuclear Power Programme to develop the required safety infrastructure.

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SSG-16 Safety Packages

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