Working Group on Chernobyl I-131 release

Working Group on the Chernobyl I-131 release: model validation and assessment of the countermeasure effectiveness

The main activity of the Working Group was to carry out environmental modelling exercises on radioiodine to test and compare model predictions with environmental data and to compare modelling approaches and model predictions among several assessors. The most important areas on which the activities of the group focused were:

  • Improvement of the accuracy of model predictions through the identification of the most important sources of bias and uncertainty
  • Implementation of new modelling procedures supported by current state of knowledge about processes and phenomena

The main objectives of the exercises carried out by the EMRAS Working Group on Iodine were:

  • To evaluate the performance of the participating models in dose reconstruction exercises in cases when Cs-137 (I-129) tracer is used to estimate the deposition of I-131
  • To assess the applicability of the models to countermeasure response

Further objectives were to assess the uncertainties of the participating models, their limitations, and the input data required to run the model.


A Questionnaire was completed by those persons wishing to participate in the work of the Working Group.



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