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WASSC 47 - June 2019

W1.3 Draft Agenda for the WASSC Meeting (255kb) 14/06/2019 details
Draft Chairs Report - WASSC-46 (Comments incorporated) (901kb) 13/05/2019 details
Final List of WASSC-47 Participants (173kb) 21/06/2019 details
Group Photo of WASSC-47 Participants (3,513kb) 20/06/2019 details
W1.6 Status of Actions following WASSC-46 (297kb) 21/06/2019 details
W2.1 Report on the 45th CSS Meeting (1,036kb) 17/06/2019 details
W2.2 Attributability - Development of the Safety Report (751kb) 17/06/2019 details
W2.2 Attributability - DPP for a Safety Report (103kb) 07/06/2019 details
W2.2 Attributability - Report on the Consultancy Meeting (194kb) 07/06/2019 details
W2.3 Chairs Report - WASSC Questionnaire on Review of SF-1 (282kb) 03/05/2019 details
W2.3 Review of the Safety Fundamentals SF-1 (456kb) 17/06/2019 details
W3.1 DS510 (Revision of SSG-20 and SSG-24) (346kb) 17/06/2019 details
W3.2 Status of WASSC-led Safety Standards (983kb) 18/06/2019 details
W4.1 DPP for DS513 (Revision and expansion of GS-G-3.1) (275kb) 18/06/2019 details
W4.2 DPP for DS520 (Revision of NS-G-3.1) (219kb) 19/06/2019 details
W4.3 DPP for DS522 (Revision of NS-G-2.13) (211kb) 18/06/2019 details
W4.4 DPP for DS524 (Revision of NS-G-1.13) (249kb) 18/06/2019 details
W5.1 Update on DS499 and DS500 (730kb) 18/06/2019 details
W5.2 Update on DS477 (264kb) 18/06/2019 details
W7.1 Progress Report on ARTEMIS (458kb) 19/06/2019 details
W7.2 Human Intrusion in a Safety Case for RW Disposal (2,166kb) 19/06/2019 details
W7.3 TM on Safety Guides for Protection of Environment (429kb) 19/06/2019 details
W7.4 MODARIA II Third Technical Meeting (736kb) 19/06/2019 details
W7.5 Report on the Open-ended Meeting of the Code of Conduct (917kb) 19/06/2019 details
W7.6 Report from the WATEC 2019 Meeting (1,227kb) 19/06/2019 details
W7.7 Int Conf on Effective Nuclear & Radiation Regul Systems (657kb) 19/06/2019 details
W8.1 Modernization of the Canadian Regulatory Framework (761kb) 20/06/2019 details
W8.2 ISSPA Experience with the Code of Conduct (840kb) 19/06/2019 details
W8.3 Feedback from OECD-NEA (2,212kb) 19/06/2019 details
W8.4 Feedback from WNA (1,416kb) 20/06/2019 details
W8.5 Feedback from UNSCEAR (26kb) 21/06/2019 details

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