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WASSC 52 - 27 to 29 October 2021

Draft Report of the 52nd WASSC meeting (715kb) 01/04/2022 details
RW1.2_Welcome Address for DIR-NSRW (157kb) 28/10/2021 details
RW1.4_Draft Agenda for joint RASSC & WASSC session (248kb) 27/09/2021 details
RW2.1 - DS532 Resolution Table Comments (336kb) 27/10/2021 details
RW2.1_DPP DS532 Safety of NPPs_Commissioning and operation (467kb) 20/10/2021 details
RW2.2_DPP DS533 NST067 Management of the interfaces (333kb) 28/10/2021 details
RW2.3_DS534 SG Protection Strat. for a NuclearRad Emergency (837kb) 28/10/2021 details
RW2.4_DS509 Revision by amendment of 8 SSGs (463kb) 21/10/2021 details
RW2.5_DS511 Revision by amendment of SSG-22 (372kb) 21/10/2021 details
RW2.6_DS517 Revision by amendment of three SSGs (456kb) 27/10/2021 details
RW2.7_DS524 Radiation Protection Aspects of Design for NPPs (401kb) 27/10/2021 details
RW3.1_Outcome of previous discussions in RASSC (435kb) 28/10/2021 details
RW3.1_Outcome of WASSC-51, WASSC WG on EES and Menti results (411kb) 28/10/2021 details
RW3.2_Overarching guidance onn EES_way forward (153kb) 29/10/2021 details
RW3_Supporting document (334kb) 25/10/2021 details
RW4.1_Update on DS499 and DS500 (535kb) 13/10/2021 details
RW4.2_Update on Draft Safety Report (291kb) 20/10/2021 details
Technical Guidance for participation in virtual meeting (215kb) 17/09/2021 details
W1.4_Draft Agenda (255kb) 19/10/2021 details
W1.5_Draft Report of the 51st WASSC Meeting (651kb) 13/09/2021 details
W1.6_Status of actions arising from the 51st WASSC Meeting (218kb) 20/10/2021 details
W2.1_Overview on the IAEA activities on uranium production (511kb) 08/10/2021 details
W2.2_Overview on the IAEA activities on safety of RWM (966kb) 27/10/2021 details
W2.3_Overview of IAEA activities on remediation of sites (839kb) 08/10/2021 details
W3.1_DS520 Hazards Associated with HIEEs (438kb) 25/10/2021 details
W3.2_DS522 Evaluation of Seismic Safety for NIs (416kb) 27/10/2021 details
W3.3_Status of WASSC-led Safety Standards (930kb) 20/10/2021 details
W4.1_Outcome of WASSC WG on Existing Exposure Situations (301kb) 19/10/2021 details
W4.2_List of Safety Standards and other publications (215kb) 20/10/2021 details
W4.2_SPESS A_Strategy for work on Safety Guides (291kb) 19/10/2021 details
W4.3_Guidance for using Mentimeter (121kb) 19/10/2021 details
W4.3_Outcome of Menti quiz (1,967kb) 28/10/2021 details
W4.3_Questionnaire for Mentimeter (141kb) 20/10/2021 details
W5.1_Applicability of the IAEA Safety Standards to NARs (3,447kb) 20/10/2021 details
W6.1_Reports from Intl Orgs - EUR (370kb) 08/10/2021 details
W6.2_Reports from Intl Orgs - ISSPA (289kb) 08/10/2021 details
W6.3_Reports from Intl Orgs - WNA (217kb) 25/10/2021 details
WASSC feedback on applicability of IAEA SSs to NARs (64kb) 15/11/2021 details

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