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WASSC 53 - 14 to 16 June 2022

Results of the CSS-51 (570kb) 14/06/2022 details
TW1.1_Opening remarks (133kb) 15/06/2022 details
TW1.3_Draft agenda for joint session of TRANSSC and WASSC (377kb) 14/06/2022 details
TW2.1_DS470 Radiation Safety in the Use of Radiation Source (319kb) 03/06/2022 details
TW2.2_DPP DS537 Safety demonstration of innovative technolog (862kb) 02/06/2022 details
TW2.2_DPP DS537 Safety demonstration of innovative technolog (437kb) 15/06/2022 details
TW2.3_DPP DS539 Licensing Process for Nuclear Installations (465kb) 08/06/2022 details
TW2.4_DS499 Application of the Concept of Exemption (538kb) 10/06/2022 details
TW2.4_DS499 revised during the RASSC session on 9 June 2022 (1,255kb) 10/06/2022 details
TW2.4_presentation on DS499_revised after RASSC (566kb) 10/06/2022 details
TW2.5_DS500 Application of the Concept of Clearance (451kb) 15/06/2022 details
TW2.5_DS500 revised during the RASSC session on 9 June 2022 (2,555kb) 09/06/2022 details
TW2.6_DPP DS540 Radiation Safety for Industrial Radiography (519kb) 01/06/2022 details
TW3.1 DPP NST070 Info Security for Nuclear Security (288kb) 15/06/2022 details
TW4.1_Update on TTEG RP work on exemption NORM (651kb) 09/06/2022 details
TW4.2_Update on TTEG RP work on A1A2 values (1,497kb) 09/06/2022 details
TW5.1_Project on Derivation of Specific Clearance Levels (790kb) 06/06/2022 details
W1.2_Opening remarks (184kb) 14/06/2022 details
W1.4_Draft Agenda for WASSC-53 alone sessions (302kb) 14/06/2022 details
W1.5_Draft Report of the joint EPReSC-WASSC meeting (314kb) 10/05/2022 details
W1.6_Draft Report of the 52nd WASSC meeting (715kb) 07/06/2022 details
W1.7_Status of actions arising from the 52nd WASSC Meeting (291kb) 09/06/2022 details
W2.1_DPP DS535 Periodic safety review for NPPs (546kb) 06/06/2022 details
W2.2_DPP DS538 Long Term Post-Remediation Management of Area (280kb) 10/06/2022 details
W2.3_Status of WASSC-led Safety Standards (1,005kb) 09/06/2022 details
W3.1_Update on DS512 (490kb) 11/05/2022 details
W3.2_Feedback on WS-G-5.1 revision (346kb) 03/06/2022 details
W4.1_Concept paper long-term plan for the safety standards (347kb) 28/04/2022 details
W4.2_Updated draft Medium-Term Plan for the Safety Standards (123kb) 28/04/2022 details
W4.4_Update on SMR Regulators Forum (1,094kb) 08/06/2022 details
W4.5_Supporting info_Recommendations for Work Plan on SMR (383kb) 09/06/2022 details
W4.5_Update on SMR related activities (2,324kb) 09/06/2022 details
W5.1_Topical Session - Belgium (1,180kb) 08/06/2022 details
W5.1_Topical Session - Canada (4,338kb) 15/06/2022 details
W5.1_Topical Session - Finland (1,315kb) 23/05/2022 details
W5.1_Topical session - France (2,112kb) 06/06/2022 details
W5.1_Topical Session - Georgia (4,998kb) 14/05/2022 details
W5.1_Topical Session - Germany (966kb) 23/05/2022 details
W5.1_Topical Session - Slovakia (5,861kb) 13/05/2022 details
W5.1_Topical Session - Sweden (1,077kb) 15/06/2022 details
W5.1_Topical Session - Switzerland (2,557kb) 14/06/2022 details
W5.1_Topical Session - UK (685kb) 07/06/2022 details
W5.1_Topical Session - USA (3,167kb) 02/06/2022 details
W6.1_Study on RAW classification schemes in EU (672kb) 15/06/2022 details
W6.2_Providing comments using NSS-OUI (260kb) 09/06/2022 details
W6.2_Supporting material_CRT GSR Part 5 (325kb) 09/06/2022 details

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