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WASSC 51 - 12 to 16 July 2021

Draft Report of the 51st WASSC Meeting (651kb) 11/08/2021 details
End-of-Term Report for WASSC Eighth Term (2018-2020) (744kb) 07/06/2021 details
IAEA Prog on Intl Data Coll and Model Testing for Rad&Env Im (647kb) 25/06/2021 details
W 1.2_Welcome Address - DDG-NS - L. Evrard (91kb) 12/07/2021 details
W 1.2_Welcome Address - SH WES - A. Clark (195kb) 12/07/2021 details
W1.4_Draft Agenda (281kb) 22/06/2021 details
W1.5_Draft Report for the 50th WASSC meeting (536kb) 13/04/2021 details
W1.6_List of actions arising from the 50th WASSC Meeting (86kb) 09/06/2021 details
W1.6_Status of actions arising from the 50th WASSC Meeting (200kb) 10/06/2021 details
W2.1_IAEA safety standards: step-by-step process (1,311kb) 10/05/2021 details
W2.2_NSS-OUI self-learning (1,918kb) 08/06/2021 details
W2.2_Update on the status of the NSS-OUI platform (1,000kb) 08/06/2021 details
W2.3_49th meeting of the Commission on Safety Stand_updated (788kb) 05/07/2021 details
W2.3_49th meeting of the Commission on Safety Standards (812kb) 03/06/2021 details
W2.4_WASSC Terms of Reference (1,429kb) 14/06/2021 details
W3.1_Recommendations on priorities and topical sessions (51kb) 25/06/2021 details
W3.3_Status of WASSC-led safety standards (936kb) 15/06/2021 details
W3.4_Draft medium-term plan for the safety standards (175kb) 14/06/2021 details
W3.4_For information to implement a holistic approach (3,293kb) 14/06/2021 details
W4.1_DS512 Safety Guide on Borehole Disposal Facilities (837kb) 21/06/2021 details
W4.2_Safety Guide on Arrangements for Preparedness and Resp (538kb) 05/07/2021 details
W4.3_DS531 Safety Guide on Design of Nuclear Installations (913kb) 01/07/2021 details
W5.1_NST005 Sec Aspects of Regaining Control of Rad Material (421kb) 07/07/2021 details
W6.1_Revision of Safety Guide WS-G-5.1 (308kb) 16/06/2021 details
W6.2_Report from the RASSC eWG on Existing Exposure Situat (367kb) 24/06/2021 details
W6.2_Results of the RASSC Questionnaire on Existing Exposure (466kb) 24/06/2021 details
W6.4_COVID-19 gap analysis for IAEA safety standards (719kb) 14/06/2021 details
W7.1_Australia WASSC comments on the Safety Report (42kb) 29/06/2021 details
W7.1_Germany WASSC comments on the Safety Report (124kb) 01/07/2021 details
W7.1_Presentation on Safety Report (273kb) 09/06/2021 details
W7.1_Resolution of Australia WASSC comments on Safety Report (166kb) 02/07/2021 details
W7.1_Resolution of Germany WASSC comments on Safety Report (140kb) 02/07/2021 details
W7.1_Safety Report on attribution and inference (792kb) 12/04/2021 details
W7.2_International Conference on Rad Waste Management (660kb) 16/06/2021 details
W8.1_Reports from Intl Orgs - EC (2,041kb) 05/07/2021 details
W8.2_Reports from Intl Orgs - ENISS (346kb) 10/06/2021 details
W8.3_Reports from Intl Orgs - NEA-OECD (3,106kb) 01/07/2021 details
WASSC feedback on the draft medium-term plan including gap (311kb) 29/09/2021 details
WASSC position statement on COVID-19 gap analysis (65kb) 29/09/2021 details

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