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WASSC 54 - 23 to 25 November 2022

Draft medium term plan_MS comments, discussions, outcome (1,158kb) 25/11/2022 details
Preliminary list of actions arising from WASSC-54 meeting (125kb) 25/11/2022 details
Report of the Consultancy Meeting to review SPESS B process (451kb) 28/11/2022 details
RW1.3_Draft Agenda (Rev.1) Joint session of RASSC and WASSC (203kb) 18/11/2022 details
RW1.3_Draft Agenda - Joint session of RASSC and WASSC (202kb) 30/09/2022 details
RW2.1_DPP DS542 SG: Release of Sites from Regulatory Control (445kb) 11/11/2022 details
RW2.2_DPP DS543 SR:Regulations for the Safe Transport of RM (527kb) 18/11/2022 details
RW2.3_DPP DS544 SG: Rad Protection and Safety in EES (624kb) 14/11/2022 details
RW2.4_DPP DS545 SG: Rad Safety of Gamma,X Ray&Electron Beam (376kb) 10/11/2022 details
RW2.5_DPP DS546 SG: Ageing Mngt of Transport Packages (212kb) 09/11/2022 details
RW2.6_DS525 SG:Chemistry Programme for Water Cooled NPPs (425kb) 18/11/2022 details
RW3.1_DS518 A and B SG: Safety of NF reprocessing facilities (366kb) 21/11/2022 details
RW4.1_IC on Ensuring Safety and Enabling Sustainability (1,013kb) 23/11/2022 details
W1.4_Draft Agenda (202kb) 30/09/2022 details
W1.4_Draft Agenda (Rev.1) (230kb) 07/11/2022 details
W1.5_Draft Report of the 53rd WASSC meeting (433kb) 07/11/2022 details
W1.6_Status of actions arising from the 53rd WASSC Meeting (220kb) 19/10/2022 details
W2.1&W2.2_Update on draft Medium and Long-Term Plan for SS (637kb) 09/11/2022 details
W2.1_draft Medium-Term Plan for the Safety Standards (149kb) 14/11/2022 details
W2.3_Report on CM on improvement of SPESS B (484kb) 09/11/2022 details
W2_Status report and CSS-52 meeting results (805kb) 04/11/2022 details
W3.1_DPP DS541 SG: Assessment of Meterological&Hydrological (425kb) 18/11/2022 details
W3.2_DS512 SG: Borehole Disposal Facilities (292kb) 16/11/2022 details
W3.3_DS522 SG: Seismic Safety Evaluation for NI (624kb) 17/11/2022 details
W3.4_Status of WASSC-led Safety Standards (967kb) 19/10/2022 details
W4.1_Update on Study on RW classification schemes in the EU (1,787kb) 24/11/2022 details
W4.2_European Nuclear Installations Safety Standard (ENISS) (1,101kb) 07/11/2022 details
W4.3_European Utility Requirement Organisation (EUR) (1,207kb) 24/11/2022 details
W4.4_International Organization for Standardization (ISO) (453kb) 10/10/2022 details
W4.5_OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (2,922kb) 09/11/2022 details
W4.6_World Nuclear Association (WNA) (752kb) 25/11/2022 details
W5.1_ICRP Recommendations on Surface & NSD of Solid RAW (761kb) 31/10/2022 details
W5.2_International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning (601kb) 11/11/2022 details
W5.3_Update on providing comments using NSS-OUI (381kb) 21/11/2022 details

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