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WASSC 55 - 6 to 8 June 2023

Final Report of the 54th WASSC Meeting (2,648kb) 06/06/2023 details
Preliminary list of actions arising from 55th WASSC meeting (83kb) 08/06/2023 details
W1.3_Draft agenda of 55th WASSC meeting Rev.1 (237kb) 05/06/2023 details
W1.4_ Chairpersons report of the 54th WASSC meeting (2,369kb) 04/05/2023 details
W1.4_Chairpersons report_Rev.1 (2,369kb) 30/05/2023 details
W1.5_Amended Report of the joint TRANSSC-WASSC meeting (321kb) 24/05/2023 details
W1.6_Status of actions arising from 54th WASSC meeting (280kb) 06/06/2023 details
W2.1_Results of CSS-53 (654kb) 02/06/2023 details
W2.2 & W2.3_MTP and Concept paper for LTP (870kb) 26/05/2023 details
W2.4_Revision of SPESS B and SPESS F (552kb) 26/05/2023 details
W2.5_Results of the phase 1 analysis (484kb) 26/05/2023 details
W2.6_New website for SSCs and CSS (544kb) 26/05/2023 details
W3.1_DPP DS547 (537kb) 29/05/2023 details
W3.2_DPP DS548 (299kb) 06/06/2023 details
W3.3_DPP DS549 (348kb) 31/05/2023 details
W3.4_DPP DS550 (296kb) 31/05/2023 details
W3.4_DPP DS550 Rev.1 (306kb) 07/06/2023 details
W3.5_DPP DS551 (528kb) 30/05/2023 details
W3.6_DS524 (283kb) 06/06/2023 details
W3.7_Status of WASSC-led safety standards (1,144kb) 02/05/2023 details
W4.1_WASSC feedback on GSG-1 (737kb) 06/06/2023 details
W4.2_WASSC feedback on WS-G-5.2 (424kb) 29/05/2023 details
W4.3_Update on a draft Safety Guide DS526 (609kb) 04/05/2023 details
W5.1_Presentation from Canada (1,312kb) 05/06/2023 details
W5.1_Presentation from India (8,757kb) 30/05/2023 details
W5.1_Presentation from the UK (215kb) 02/06/2023 details
W5.2_Update on IAEA activities (1,436kb) 07/06/2023 details
W5.3_Lessons learned from RWM&Dec influencing SMRs designers (1,447kb) 26/05/2023 details
WASSC-55 group photo (6,893kb) 28/06/2023 details

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