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WASSC 48 - Oct 2019

TW1.2 Draft Agenda for the Joint TRANSSC WASSC Session (212kb) 30/10/2019 details
TW2.1 GeTeC Project (2,363kb) 31/10/2019 details
TW2.2 Dual Purpose Casks (590kb) 31/10/2019 details
TW3.1 New Regs to Ship Surface Contaminated Objects - CAN (840kb) 31/10/2019 details
TW3.2 Future Waste Packaging - UK (606kb) 31/10/2019 details
TW4.2 - Review of the A1-A2 Values in Transport Regulations (1,107kb) 31/10/2019 details
TW5.1 Repatriation of DSRS (1,600kb) 31/10/2019 details
W1.3 Draft Agenda for the WASSC Session (277kb) 20/10/2019 details
W1.5 Draft Chairs Report - WASSC-47 Meeting (734kb) 25/10/2019 details
W1.6 Status of actions arisen from the 47th WASSC Meeting (331kb) 28/10/2019 details
W2.1 DS468 (Revision of WS-G-3.1) (1,916kb) 28/10/2019 details
W2.2 DS490 (Revision of NS-G-1.6) (390kb) 28/10/2019 details
W2.3 DS498 (Revision of NS-G-1.5) (348kb) 28/10/2019 details
W2.4 DS507 (Revision of SSG-9) (370kb) 28/10/2019 details
W2.5 DS509 (Rev. of NS-G-4.1 to NS-G-4.6, SSG-10, and SSG-37 (332kb) 28/10/2019 details
W2.6 DS516 (Rev. by amendment of SSG-27) (347kb) 28/10/2019 details
W2.7 Status of WASSC-led Safety Standards (1,338kb) 29/10/2019 details
W3.1 DS499 and DS500 (Revision of RS-G-1.7) (795kb) 29/10/2019 details
W3.2 Progress Report: SR to address 2012 UNSCEAR Report (310kb) 28/10/2019 details
W3.3 Questionnaire on GSR Part 5 for WASSC members (164kb) 29/10/2019 details
W4.2 Context for Potential Use of In-Situ Decomm in Canada (1,457kb) 29/10/2019 details
W4.3 UK approach to optimisation and in-situ disposal (2,937kb) 29/10/2019 details
W5.1 Report from NORM IX (6,061kb) 30/10/2019 details
W5.2 Report from the Annual Meeting of REGSUN (570kb) 30/10/2019 details
W5.3 Report from the 2nd COMDEC TM (613kb) 29/10/2019 details
W5.4 Report from the TM on the Safety of Disposal of DSRS (1,764kb) 30/10/2019 details
W5.5 Report from the First Plenary Meeting of ECLiPSE (352kb) 30/10/2019 details
W5.6 IAEA Training Materials on Decommissioning (465kb) 31/10/2019 details
W6.1 Feedback from the EC (664kb) 31/10/2019 details
WASSC-48 List of Participants (290kb) 31/10/2019 details

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