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WASSC 46 - Nov 2018

Group Photo of WASSC-46 Participants (2,100kb) 20/11/2018 details
Draft Chairs Report - WASSC-45 Meeting (1,189kb) 01/12/2018 details
RW1.3 Draft Agenda for the Joint RASSC WASSC Session (606kb) 16/11/2018 details
RW2.1 Report from the 44th CSS Meeting (639kb) 23/11/2018 details
RW2.3 Experience in using the NSS-OU Platform (1,778kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW3.1 DS459 Management of Residues containing NORM (937kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW3.2 DS475 Public Communication for a Nucl or Rad Emergency (956kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW3.3 DS497 Revision of NS-G-2.2 to 2.6, NS-G-2.8, NS-G-2.14 (559kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW4.1 DPP for DS516 (738kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW4.2 DPP for DS517 (760kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW4.3 DPP for DS518 (699kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW5.1 Update on DS499 (424kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW5.2 Update on DS505 (2,035kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW5.3 Update on DS468 (1,740kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW6.1 Potential gaps in Safety Stand. for existing exp. sit. (769kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW6.2 Requirements for controlling public exposure (957kb) 21/11/2018 details
RW6.3 Overview of TC Activities with Public Exposure (1,045kb) 21/11/2018 details
W1.3 Draft Agenda for the WASSC Session (561kb) 16/11/2018 details
W1.6 Status of Actions arisen from WASSC-45 (442kb) 23/11/2018 details
W2.1 DS489 Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel (Rev. of SSG-15) (367kb) 20/11/2018 details
W2.2 DS487 Design of Fuel Handling & Storage Systems for NPP (383kb) 19/11/2018 details
W2.3 DS498 External Events in Design of Nucl. Installations (406kb) 19/11/2018 details
W2.4 DS507 Seismic Hazards in Site Evaluation (828kb) 19/11/2018 details
W2.5 Status of Waste Safety Standards (1,482kb) 23/11/2018 details
W3.1 DPP DS513 Leadership, Mngt & Culture for Safety (292kb) 19/11/2018 details
W4.1 Intl Conference on Mngt of Spent Fuel from NPPs 2019 (320kb) 20/11/2018 details
W4.2 Progress Report on ARTEMIS (624kb) 19/11/2018 details
W4.3 Report - Forum on the Safety of Near Surface Disposal (580kb) 19/11/2018 details
W4.4 Feedback from the OM for the CNS 8th Review Meeting (708kb) 20/11/2018 details
W4.5 Status of Revision of the INES Users Manual (338kb) 19/11/2018 details
W5.1 Waste Acceptance Criteria for Disposal - IAEA activties (1,072kb) 20/11/2018 details
W5.2 Stakeholder Involvement for Disposal - IAEA Activities (627kb) 20/11/2018 details
W5.3 Operational Safety for Deep Geological Disposal (454kb) 20/11/2018 details
W5.4 Transition of Facilities: Operation to Decommissioning (427kb) 19/11/2018 details
W6.1 Feedback from Australia (S. Sarkar, ARPANSA) (1,716kb) 20/11/2018 details
W6.2 Feedback from the USA (J. Tappert, USNRC) (1,254kb) 19/11/2018 details

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