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WASSC 50 - Nov 2020

Draft Report for the 50th WASSC Meeting (633kb) 18/03/2021 details
End of term Report (2018-2020)_updated after WASSC-50 (820kb) 15/02/2021 details
Exemption of NORM from the IAEA transport regulations (261kb) 30/10/2020 details
IAEA TRANSSC Update from Special Working Group on A1 A2 valu (485kb) 29/10/2020 details
RTW1.1 International Conference on Radiation Safety (188kb) 05/11/2020 details
RTW1.1 Introductory Comments_DIR NSRW (175kb) 02/11/2020 details
RTW1.3 Agenda - RASSC-TRANSSC-WASSC Joint Session (165kb) 30/10/2020 details
RTW2.1 Report from the CSS 47th meeting (530kb) 29/10/2020 details
RTW3.1 DS511 SG Use of a Graded Approach in the Application (345kb) 04/11/2020 details
RTW3.2 DS516 SG Criticality Safety Handling of Fissile Mater (307kb) 02/11/2020 details
RTW3.3 DS470 SG Radiation Safety in the Use of Sources in (436kb) 04/11/2020 details
RTW3.4 DS499 SG Application of the Concept of Exemption (374kb) 04/11/2020 details
RTW3.5 DS500 SG Application of the Concept of Clearance ( (812kb) 04/11/2020 details
Technical Guidance for Participants (308kb) 14/10/2020 details
UNSCEAR - Global Survey on Public Exposure (157kb) 30/10/2020 details
UNSCEAR Activities and Updates (141kb) 30/10/2020 details
W1.4 Agenda - WASSC Session (223kb) 02/11/2020 details
W1.5 Report from the 48th WASSC meeting (809kb) 05/10/2020 details
W1.6 Report on WASSC activities after WASSC 48 (287kb) 28/10/2020 details
W1.7 List of actions arising from the 48th WASSC meeting (23kb) 29/10/2020 details
W1.7 Status of actions arising from WASSC 48 and WASSC 49 (323kb) 06/10/2020 details
W2.1 Status of WASSC led Safety Standards (934kb) 06/10/2020 details
W2.2 DS497 SG Revision of seven closely interrelated Safety (308kb) 19/10/2020 details
W2.3 DS520 SG Human induced external hazards in site eval (322kb) 06/11/2020 details
W2.4 DS529 SG Investigation of Site Characteristics and Eval (362kb) 23/10/2020 details
W2.5 DS498 SG Design of Nuclear Installations Against Extern (296kb) 27/10/2020 details
W3.1 Summary Report on the Questionnaire for GSR PART 5 (387kb) 28/10/2020 details
W3.1_Report on WASSC members feedback on GSG-1 questionnaire (369kb) 02/11/2023 details
W3.2_WASSC members feedback on WS-G-5.2 questionnaire (277kb) 02/11/2023 details
W4.1 End of term Report (2018-2020) (703kb) 28/10/2020 details
W4.2 Potential priorities for the Ninth Term of WASSC (2021- (114kb) 28/10/2020 details

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