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Operational Radiation Protection

Workplace Monitoring and Support to Field Activities

Workplace monitoring is an important technique to achieve and maintain an acceptable protection of the working environment from radiation hazards. Monitoring includes measurements and interpretation of results for the purpose of radiological assessment to control installations and the radiation hazards to workers.

A workplace monitoring programme by is implemented by the IAEA to keep under control radiation practices carried out in its own premises. For this purpose the Operational Service Group counts on with radiation protection specialists and health physics staff as well as with an adequate number of radiation detection instruments, tools for safe handling of radioactive sources and materials and personal protection equipment..

Quality and efficiency in response to measurement needs and accuracy of results is ensured by use of procedures and instructions implemented as part of a quality management system for radiation monitoring activities.


The objectives of the workplace monitoring activities are to ensure satisfactory working conditions in the radiation practices carried out by the IAEA through the implementation of a monitoring programme for its own premises and by providing radiological advice and assistance to Safeguards verification and other activities.


The main operational activities for workplace monitoring can be summarized as follows:

  • Implementation of a radiation monitoring programme to the Agency’s Laboratories at Seibersdorf, including workplace monitoring, emergency planning and operational radiation protection
  • Assistance to the Monaco Environmental Lab in safely carrying out its activities with radioactive materials
  • Support and advice on radiation prevention and protection to SG verification activities
  • Provision of technical advice and support to TC assistance projects to Members States
  • Provision of training in radiation protection to occupationally exposed staff and to fellows developing activities at Agency laboratories and during Safeguards inspection for verification purposes
  • Provision of necessary resources of instruments and personal protective equipment

Knowledge Management

Resources are available and in place for advice and assistance on:

  • Monitoring methods
  • Instrument selection
  • Measurement techniques for implementation of routine monitoring programmes including preventive actions and protection criteria.

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