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Operational Radiation Protection: Field Activities

In line with operational radiation protection activities carried out in its own premises, the Agency ensures that proper radiation safety measures are implemented to restrict doses and prevent accidents during field operations. To this end monitoring support for the control of radiation exposures to those individuals involved in carrying out such missions is provided for personal monitoring and radiation measurements as required. This support may include, if deemed necessary, the participation of radiation protection specialists and health physics staff.

Several different circumstances have required operational monitoring and control activities to be implemented in support of field activities including investigation and assessment in cases of radiation accidents, search and recovery of lost sources, or radiological fact finding missions and investigations associated with security of radionuclides sources.

The wide range of instruments for radiation measurements includes mobile gamma spectrometry instrument and software for measurement in case of contamination from accidents causing large radioactive material dispersion in the environment.

In proceeding with support for field activities, large use of available instruments and protection devices is done. Advice on use of instruments and safe handling is an important component of the knowledge information kept ready for transfer in support of field activities.


The capability of the staff , in collaboration with Seibersdorf spectrometric laboratories to deploy instrumentation for in-situ measurement following a nuclear accident, was demonstrated during participation in workshops and intercomparison exercises for mobile radiological laboratories for emergency monitoring


| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.