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    54 NUSSC Meeting

    Status of TECDOCs and Safety Reports (148kb) 07/11/2022 details
    0_List of Actions from 54th NUSSC Meeting (117kb) 16/11/2022 details
    Draft Agenda of 54th NUSSC Meeting_rev.3 (381kb) 06/11/2022 ver.3 details
    Draft Report of 53rd NUSSC Meeting (727kb) 10/08/2022 details
    Draft Report of 53rd NUSSC Meeting_comments implemented (737kb) 03/11/2022 details
    Item 1.10_CM on improvement of SPESS B_Conclusions (663kb) 06/11/2022 details
    Item 1.11_DS513_Status report (524kb) 06/11/2022 details
    Item 1.12_DS532_Status report (419kb) 06/11/2022 details
    Item 1.13_Transportable NPPs (414kb) 07/11/2022 details
    Item 1.14_Topical Issues Conference (1,633kb) 03/11/2022 details
    Item 1.15_NUSSC History (165kb) 16/11/2022 details
    Item 1.5_Actions from Previous NUSSC Meetings (366kb) 06/11/2022 details
    Item 1.6_Status of Safety Standards_rev.1 (348kb) 18/11/2022 details
    Item 1.7_Technical Report_Regulatory Oversight of Interface (901kb) 07/11/2022 details
    Item 1.8_Standard Review Plan (506kb) 06/11/2022 details
    Item 1.9_CSS Medium-Term Plan_Introduction by Chair (163kb) 07/11/2022 details
    Item 1.9_Medium-Term Plan_Asfaw (654kb) 07/11/2022 details
    Item 2.1_DS508 (520kb) 07/11/2022 details
    Item 2.2_DS525_NUSSC 54 (471kb) 03/11/2022 details
    Item 2.3_DS522 (645kb) 08/11/2022 details
    Item 3.1_DS541 DPP (512kb) 07/11/2022 details
    Item 3.2_DS546 DPP (213kb) 07/11/2022 details
    Item 3.3_DS547 DPP (1,050kb) 07/11/2022 details
    Item 4.1 Application of Safety Standards in Germany (1,694kb) 10/11/2022 details
    Item 4.1 Application of Safety Standards in Sweden (992kb) 08/11/2022 details
    Item EN1.10_Emergency Preparedness_ENISS presentation (843kb) 08/11/2022 details
    Item EN1.3_Update on the after_CRP 131029 (611kb) 08/11/2022 details
    Item EN1.4_DS528 (1,126kb) 08/11/2022 details
    Item EN1.5_NHSI (1,152kb) 08/11/2022 details
    Item EN1.6_Report from 52CSS Meeting (804kb) 08/11/2022 details
    Item EN1.7_Overview of IRRS (648kb) 08/11/2022 details
    Item EN1.8_Overview of EPREV (814kb) 08/11/2022 details
    Item EN1.9_DPP for Transportable NPPs (480kb) 08/11/2022 details
    Item EN2.1_DS518_NUSSC Meeting_7 November 2022.pdf (358kb) 02/11/2022 details
    Item EN3.1__DPP DS543 (536kb) 08/11/2022 details

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