53 NUSSC Meeting

0_List of Actions from 53rd NUSSC Meeting (114kb) 04/07/2022 details
Draft Agenda of 53rd NUSSC Meeting (368kb) 13/06/2022 ver.2 details
Draft Report of 52nd NUSSC Meeting (582kb) 18/05/2022 details
Draft Report of 52nd NUSSC Meeting_comments implemented (611kb) 12/06/2022 details
Item 1.10 Approach and Methodology Dev Reg Saf Req Design of (2,538kb) 14/06/2022 details
Item 1.11_Living Medium-Term Plan_Delattre (806kb) 07/06/2022 details
Item 1.12_Concept Paper for Preparation of LTS for SSs (785kb) 07/06/2022 details
Item 1.13_DPP_ for NUSSC June _14_16_2022 (467kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item 1.14_NUSSC inputs to improve SPESS B (305kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item 1.5_Actions of NUSSC_53 NUSSC_Final_Svab (341kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item 1.6_Status of Standards_53 NUSSC_Final_Svab (342kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item 1.7_2022_06_14_ Presentation_53rd_NUSS_Meeting_Generic_ (1,114kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item 1.8_2022_06_14_ NUSSC_Handbook siting (870kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item 1.9_53 NUSSC_Applicability of Safety Standards (2,320kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item 1.9_Applicability of Safety Stand_supporting document (383kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item 2.2_Presentation of Track Changes version_53 NUSSC_Svab (314kb) 16/06/2022 details
Item 2.3_53 NUSSC_Note_Feedback from NSOC-SSDS specialists (149kb) 14/06/2022 details
Item 2.3_NUSSC Priorities - Feedback from the revision of mu (509kb) 16/06/2022 details
Item NN1.10 - TIC2022 overview_for NUSSC (861kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item NN1.11 NUSSC Presentation SMRRF (374kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item NN1.4_Structure of Safety Standards Series_Svab (814kb) 15/06/2022 details
Item NN1.6_Report from 50th and 51st CSS Meetings (712kb) 15/06/2022 details
Item NN1.7_Status and plans for TRS-1000 (504kb) 15/06/2022 details
Item NN1.9 NSGC_NUSSC_Information on DS 513 development prog (567kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item NN2.2_DPP_DS535_PeriodicSafetyReviewForNPPs_RevOfSSG-25 (671kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item NN2.3 DS536 SG Safety Assessment and Independent Verifi (639kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item NN2.4_DPP_Safety Demonstration Innovative Technology_15 (474kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item NN2.5_DPP DS539_NUSSC-NSGC_15June Rev 1 (554kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item NN3.2_53 NUSSC_DS508_Luis Hernandez (361kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item NN3.3_DS523_Level 1 PSA_revision (489kb) 15/06/2022 details
NN1.3 Structure of the Nuclear Security Series_Case Lackner (968kb) 14/06/2022 details
NN1.8. Recently published guidance on computer security_Nels (710kb) 14/06/2022 details
NN2.1 NST070_Hewes.pdf (691kb) 14/06/2022 details
NN2.6 NST068_Shakoor.pdf (331kb) 14/06/2022 details
NN2.7 NST071_Ek.pdf (379kb) 14/06/2022 details
NN3.1 NST063_Shakoor.pdf (353kb) 14/06/2022 details
Status of TECDOCs and Safety Reports (159kb) 11/06/2022 details

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