39 NUSSC Meeting

0 Report of the 39th NUSSC meeting (938kb) 03/06/2020 details
Actions following the 39th NUSSC Meeting (230kb) 13/07/2015 details
Issues to discuss NUSSC-TECDOC on App. of Safety Requ. rev.9 (86kb) 01/06/2015 details
Item N1.3_Draft Agenda for the NUSSC session (366kb) 26/06/2015 ver.3 details
Item N1.4_Draft Report of the 38 NUSSC (comm. implemented) (630kb) 28/06/2015 ver.1 details
Item N1.5 39NUSSC Svab-Actions of NUSSC 29062015 (474kb) 30/06/2015 details
Item N1.5_Note of the Secretariat on DS432, DS427 and DS44 (274kb) 23/06/2015 details
Item N1.7_ Comparision between V.Declaration and SR content (19kb) 15/06/2015 details
Item N1.7_ INFCIRC 872_Vienna Declaration (153kb) 15/06/2015 details
Item N1.7_ Letter of DG to the CSS Chair (52kb) 18/06/2015 details
Item N1.7_ Prioritization of work on relevant SGs (239kb) 15/06/2015 details
Item N1.8_DS462 Edited_GSR Part 1 (479kb) 26/06/2015 details
Item N1.8_DS462 Edited_GSR Part 4 (407kb) 26/06/2015 details
Item N1.8_DS462 Edited_NS-R-3 (399kb) 26/06/2015 details
Item N1.8_DS462 Edited_SSR - 2.1 (728kb) 26/06/2015 details
Item N1.8_DS462 Edited_SSR - 2.2 (546kb) 26/06/2015 details
Item N2.1 39 NUSSC Svab Status of SSs_29 June 2015 (620kb) 30/06/2015 details
Item N2.1_Status of TECDOCs and Safety Standards (167kb) 21/06/2015 ver.1 details
Item N3.1 ENISS TecDoc Application SSR2-1 -02072015 (249kb) 02/07/2015 details
Item N3.1 SAS-TECDOC on SSR21 NUSSC 2-July-2015 J. Yllera (1,433kb) 02/07/2015 details
Item N3.1 SAS-TECDOC SSR21 NUSSC with questionsJ. Yllera (639kb) 02/07/2015 details
Item N3.1-TECDOC-DBA, DEC & Design basis,DiD WENRA -F. Feron (735kb) 02/07/2015 details
Item N3.1_SAS-TECDOC on SSR21 NUSSC June 30-2015 (627kb) 30/06/2015 details
Item N3.2 Feedback on Regulatory Arrangements Finland (1,805kb) 30/06/2015 details
Item NW 1.6 39NUSSC39WASSC-37th CSS meeting Delattre (484kb) 30/06/2015 details
Item NW 1.8 39NUSSC39WASSC Establishment of EPReSC (218kb) 30/06/2015 details
Item NW 1.8 39NUSSC39WASSC-EPReSC-Nestoroska-Madjunarova (929kb) 30/06/2015 details
Item NW 2.1 39NUSSC39WASSC-DS478 R. Gater (694kb) 30/06/2015 details
Item NW 2.2 39NUSSC39WASSC-DS456 H. Rycraft (708kb) 30/06/2015 details
Item NW 2.3 39NUSSC39WASSC - DS360 R. Gater (643kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 2.4 39NUSSC39WASSC - DS381 R. Gater (607kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 2.5 39NUSSC39WASSC - DS460 J.R. Jubin (695kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 2.6 39NUSSC39WASSC - DS472 A. Nicic (606kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 2.7 39NUSSC39WASSC-DS473 G. Jones (468kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 2.8 39NUSSC39WASSC DS483 M Kim (1,043kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 2.9 39NUSSC39WASSC-DS460 A. Polyakov (714kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 3.1 39NUSSC39WASSC-DPP DS449 P. Villalibre (1,169kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 4.1 39NUSSC39WASSC-NST002 R. Evans (320kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 4.2 39NUSSC39WASS-NST023 2 M. Khaliq (467kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 4.3 39NUSSC9WASSC-NST009 F. Bakri (534kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 5.1 Feedback from Diplomatic Conference M. Svab (631kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 5.2 39NUSSC39WASSC-5th JC G. Siraky (960kb) 01/07/2015 details
Item NW 5.3 39NUSSC39WASSC-Oper. Safety Conf V. Ranguelova (688kb) 02/07/2015 details
Item NW 5.4 39NUSSC 39WASSCReport SFM Conference G. Bruno (1,091kb) 02/07/2015 details
Item NW1.3_Draft Agenda for the Joint NUSSC - WASSC Meeting (114kb) 23/06/2015 ver.4 details
Tecdoc Application of Safety Requirements Rev9 (1,407kb) 18/06/2015 details
TECDOC_Application of SSR-2.1_NUSSC vol. mtg_Chair Report (296kb) 24/07/2015 details

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