40 NUSSC Meeting

0 Report of the 40th NUSSC meeting (1,276kb) 03/06/2020 details
Actions following the 40th NUSSC Meeting (232kb) 01/02/2016 details
Draft Agenda of the 40th NUSSC Meeting (395kb) 30/11/2015 ver.2 details
Draft Report of the 39 NUSSC Meeting (938kb) 24/11/2015 details
Item 1.10a 40NUSSC_Review_SSG-25_PSR_Vienna_Decl (1,145kb) 01/12/2015 details
Item 1.10b_40NUSSC_ Review of SSG-25 and NS-G-1.5_O. Coman (542kb) 01/12/2015 details
Item 1.5_40NUSSC Status of NUSSC Actions M. Svab (427kb) 01/12/2015 details
Item 1.8_40NUSSC_38th CSS meeting Delattre (676kb) 01/12/2015 details
Item 1.9_40NUSSC_IT Platform_D. Delattre (1,508kb) 01/12/2015 details
Item 2.1_40NUSSC_DS456_P. Tarren (725kb) 01/12/2015 details
Item 2.2_40NUSSC_DS476_D. Sears (444kb) 02/12/2015 details
Item 2.3_40NUSSC_DS432_T. Boal (439kb) 02/12/2015 details
Item 2.4_40NUSSC_DS427_D. Telleria (765kb) 02/12/2015 details
Item 2.5_40NUSSC_DS442_D. Telleria (915kb) 02/12/2015 details
Item 2.6_40NUSSC_DS452_V. Ljubenov (1,046kb) 02/12/2015 details
Item 2.7_40NUSSC_DS486_T. Kobetz (530kb) 02/12/2015 details
Item 2.8_40NUSSC_DS479_G.Prohaska (733kb) 02/12/2015 details
Item 2.9_40NUSSC_Svab_Status of SSs (580kb) 03/12/2015 details
Item 3.1_40NUSSC_DS495_DPP_SR_N. Capadona (509kb) 03/12/2015 details
Item 3.2_40NUSSC_DS494_DPP_J. Ylleria (619kb) 02/12/2015 details
Item 4.1_40NUSSC_NST048_C. George (721kb) 03/12/2015 details
Item 4.2_40NUSSC_NST020_R. Evans (388kb) 03/12/2015 details
Item 5.1_40NUSSC_EPReSC_J.F. Lafortune (403kb) 03/12/2015 details
Item 5.2_40NUSSC_NST036_d. Dudenhoeffer (1,078kb) 03/12/2015 details
Item 5.3_40NUSSC_INFO TECDOC on Consideration on Application (540kb) 03/12/2015 details
Item 5.4_40NUSSC_ENISS letter_G.Bassing (198kb) 21/12/2015 details
Status of TECDOCs and Safety Reports (201kb) 02/12/2015 ver.2 details

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