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    51 NUSSC Meeting (Virtual)

    Draft Report of 49th NUSSC Meeting (402kb) 30/03/2021 details
    Draft Report of 50th NUSSC Meeting (509kb) 30/03/2021 details
    Item 1.5_51 NUSSC_Actions from NUSSC Meetings_Svab (332kb) 29/06/2021 details
    Item 2.1_51 NUSSC_DS503_Nagashima (428kb) 24/06/2021 details
    0_List of Actions from 51st NUSSC Meeting (73kb) 01/07/2021 details
    51 NUSSC Meeting Report (526kb) 04/11/2021 details
    Consultancy Meeting on DS508 MS comments resolution (99kb) 01/07/2021 details
    Implications of the 2012 UNSCEAR report _ K.Asfaw (603kb) 30/06/2021 details
    Item 1.10_51 NUSSC_Status of Safety Standards_Svab (263kb) 29/06/2021 details
    Item 1.3_Draft Agenda of 51st NUSSC Meeting (217kb) 21/05/2021 details
    Item 1.3_Draft Agenda of 51st NUSSC Meeting_Rev.1 (239kb) 16/06/2021 ver.1 details
    Item 1.3_Draft Agenda of 51st NUSSC Meeting_Rev.2 (227kb) 28/06/2021 ver.2 details
    Item 1.4_Draft Report of 49th NUSSC Meeting_comments impl (403kb) 25/06/2021 details
    Item 1.4_Draft Report of 50th NUSSC Meeting_comments impl (544kb) 25/06/2021 details
    Item 1.6_49 CSS Meeting_Covid-19 gap analysis_Med T. Plan (758kb) 29/06/2021 details
    Item 1.7_Step-by-step Process for Preparation of SSs (1,172kb) 16/06/2021 details
    Item 1.8_51 NUSSC_NSS-OUI (1,079kb) 27/06/2021 details
    Item 1.9_4.6_51 NUSSC_9th Term Priorities (152kb) 28/06/2021 details
    Item 2.2_51 NUSSC_DS504_Kouts (584kb) 28/06/2021 details
    Item 2.2_DS504 - Resolution table - NUSSC comments (454kb) 28/06/2021 details
    Item 3.1. Geotechnical Aspects in Site Evaluation (412kb) 25/06/2021 details
    Item 4.1_Attribution of Radiation Health Effects (273kb) 25/06/2021 details
    Item 4.2. TIC2022 Overview (629kb) 29/06/2021 details
    Item 4.3.Applicability of Saf. Standards to Novel Advanced R (1,665kb) 25/06/2021 details
    Item 4.5_Preparation for Joint 53 NUSSC 21 NSGC Meeting (130kb) 01/07/2021 details
    Item_4.5_List of Safety_Security reports (56kb) 01/07/2021 details
    Status of TECDOCs and Safety Reports (141kb) 29/06/2021 details

    | Last update: 14 August 2022.