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E1.1 Meeting Logistics (446kb) 12/06/2023 details
E1.4 Agenda (v2.4) for EPReSC-16 (275kb) 13/06/2023 details
E1.5 Draft EPReSC-15 meeting report (v1.4) (563kb) 31/05/2023 details
E1.6 Draft EPReSC-NUSSC meeting report (v1.4) (317kb) 31/05/2023 details
E1.7 Conclusions and actions from EPReSC-15 and joint meetin (289kb) 19/05/2023 details
E2.1 Status update on EPR publications development (420kb) 07/06/2023 details
E2.2 E2.3 E2.4 DS504 DS534 DS527 (402kb) 06/06/2023 details
E2.5 Status update on EPR Medical publications v1.1 (852kb) 23/05/2023 details
E2.6 Elearning status and development (920kb) 05/06/2023 details
E3.1 Results of CSS-53 May 2023 (861kb) 05/06/2023 details
E3.10 EPRIMS Overall trends (461kb) 06/06/2023 details
E3.10 EPRIMS Overall trends (461kb) 16/06/2023 details
E3.11 MEREIA (2,734kb) 13/06/2023 details
E3.12 Consolidated proposal - WGs for inputs to revision GSR (504kb) 16/06/2023 details
E3.2 Medium and Long term plans for Safety Standards (650kb) 19/05/2023 details
E3.3 SPESS B and EPR Series processes (1,221kb) 19/05/2023 details
E3.4 GSR Part1 Rev 1 Feedback (356kb) 09/06/2023 details
E3.5 WGs for inputs to revision GSR Part 7 (497kb) 12/06/2023 details
E3.6 Inputs to Long-term plan (215kb) 12/06/2023 details
E3.8 Update on the new website for Review Committees (639kb) 01/06/2023 details
E3.9 ConvEx-2c 2023 (271kb) 09/06/2023 details
E4.1 Egypt national EPR framework (2,351kb) 19/05/2023 details
E4.2 UK Approach to Optimising Response to Nucl Emergency (526kb) 09/06/2023 details
E5.1 EC - Outputs EPR Implementation Project (1,321kb) 13/06/2023 details
E5.2 OECD-NEA Report May 2023 (271kb) 13/06/2023 details
E6.2 EPReSC-16 conclusions (438kb) 16/06/2023 details
ENN2.1 NHSI Industry track (1,520kb) 13/06/2023 details
ENN2.1 NHSI Regulatory Track (477kb) 06/06/2023 details
ENN2.2 Briefing on future events (EPR) (278kb) 19/05/2023 details
ENN2.2 ICONS 2024 (NSNS) (855kb) 12/06/2023 details
ENN2.2 Outcomes of the Joint 8th and 9th CNS RM (631kb) 15/06/2023 details
ENN2.3 Overview of Nuclear Security Guidance (1,053kb) 12/06/2023 details
ENN2.3 Structure of EPR Safety Standards (904kb) 06/06/2023 details
ENN2.3 Structure of the Safety Standards (983kb) 12/06/2023 details
ENN2.4 Safety and security during armed conflict (454kb) 19/05/2023 details
ENN3.1 DS524 (467kb) 06/06/2023 details
ENN4.1 DPP DS548 (441kb) 07/06/2023 details
ENN4.2 bis DPP DS547 (revised) - for EPReSC review and silen (227kb) 16/06/2023 details
ENN4.2 DPP DS547 (524kb) 14/06/2023 details
ENN5.1 NST061 (416kb) 08/06/2023 details
ENN5.2 NST063 (367kb) 08/06/2023 details
ENN5.3 DS533-NST067 (419kb) 08/06/2023 details
ENN5.4 DS513 (444kb) 06/06/2023 details
ER2.1 DPP DS549 (470kb) 06/06/2023 details
ER2.2 DPP DS550 (414kb) 09/06/2023 details
ER2.3 DPP DS551 (528kb) 05/06/2023 details
ER2.3 DPP DS551 (535kb) 07/06/2023 details
ER3.1 Progress in development DS544 (1,007kb) 07/06/2023 details
ER3.2 Safety Report on International Trade of non food comm. (516kb) 31/05/2023 details
ER3.3 Activities related to managing the presence of radionu (973kb) 08/06/2023 details
ER3.4 CRP J15002 (1,206kb) 05/06/2023 details
ER3.5 Overview of TM on DS534 & DS527 (962kb) 06/06/2023 details
ER4.1 Outcomes from EPReSC-RASSC meeting (June 2022) (323kb) 07/06/2023 details
ER4.3 Role of RL and GC in PS for EPR (1,282kb) 06/06/2023 details
ER5.1 Recovery of missing source in Western Australia (3,519kb) 12/06/2023 details

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