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TRANSSC 44 , 13-17 June 2022

4.1_Concept paper long-term plan for the safety standards (347kb) 11/05/2022 details
4.2_UpdateddraftMedium-TermPlanfortheSafetyStandards (123kb) 09/05/2022 details
Agenda TRANSSC44 Draft (APPROVAL)_8 June 2022 (288kb) 08/06/2022 details
Draft Agenda- Joint TRANSC WASSC Session (377kb) 10/06/2022 details
Item 2.3_TRANSSC42 Meeting Report_APPROVED_13.06.2022 (498kb) 21/06/2022 details
Item 2.4_TRANSSC43MeetingReport_APPROVED_13.06.2022 (441kb) 21/06/2022 details
Item 2.5_TRANSSC44 Action Record Sheet 2022.06.21 (193kb) 21/06/2022 details
Item 3.1.1 DS521 Step 11 (APPROVAL) (432kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 3.2 - Technical Basis Document (INF) (613kb) 10/06/2022 details
Item 3.2(a)Comments form for SSG-26 streamline (INF) (1,080kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 3.2(b) Future SSG-26 -for next revision (INF) (4,134kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 3.2(c) TBD PartII_Draft (INF) (2,045kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 3.2(d)TBD-Evolution (INF) (7,416kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 3.3 (a)_Update on shortening the SPESS process (INF) (181kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 3.3 (b)_Review of SPESS B process (382kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 3.3 T 44 SPESS Efficiencies (INF) (372kb) 13/06/2022 details
Item 5.2 & 5.3 TRANSSC 44 2021 Review Cycle (INF) (534kb) 14/06/2022 ver.Rev.1 details
Item 5.3_SSR-6 Review Quality Plan 2021 (APPROVAL) (151kb) 10/06/2022 ver.Rev 3 details
Item 5.5._TTEG-PPA-ReviewCycleInformation (19kb) 16/06/2022 details
Item 6.1 2022-06-16 SMRRF TRANSSC (2,820kb) 16/06/2022 ver.Rev 1 details
Item 6.2_Applicability of Safety Standards to SMR (INF) (2,212kb) 10/06/2022 details
Item 6.2_Applicability of Safety Standards to SMR (INF) (92kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 7.1.1_TTEG PPA_Transportable Reactors (APPROVAL) (251kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 7.1.2_TTEG PPA_Evaluation of ISO Standards (APPROVAL) (295kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 7.1.3_TTEG PPA_Ageing and Maintenance Guide (APPROVAL) (170kb) 10/06/2022 details
Item 7.1.4_TTEG PPA Workplan (APPROVAL) (134kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 7.1_TTEGPPA_Mr Koch (INF) (261kb) 10/06/2022 details
Item 7.2.1 TTEG-C_Feedback_16-06-22 (INF) (641kb) 16/06/2022 details
Item 7.2.2 TTEG_Criticality_workplan_16-06-22 (INF) (36kb) 16/06/2022 details
Item 7.3.1 (a)_NORM Guidance Document_001_Rev 1 (INF) (707kb) 08/06/2022 details
Item 7.3.1 (b)_NORM Guidance Document_002_Rev-1 (INF) (939kb) 08/06/2022 details
Item 7.4_TRANSSC TTEG ToRs Rev.09_JPN comments_09 06 2022 (36kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 7.4_TRANSSC TTEG ToRs Rev.9 (APPROVAL) (165kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 7.5_Process to develop Safety Guide TECDOC (INF) (214kb) 09/06/2022 details
Item 7.5_T44 TRANSSC action 43.7 (INF).pptx (400kb) 16/06/2022 details
Item 8.2 Meeting Minutes IAG 1 June 2022 (INF) (29kb) 10/06/2022 details
Item 8.3_Draft_ToR DoS (INF) (46kb) 14/06/2022 details
Item 8.4 Proposal for E-Schedules (INF) pptx (1,675kb) 16/06/2022 details
Item 8.4_Proposal of E-schedules (INF) (298kb) 08/06/2022 details
Item2.2_TRANSSC39_MeetingReport_APPROVED 13.06.2022 (220kb) 21/06/2022 details
Item7.4_TRANSSCTTEGToRs. 16 June 2022 (32kb) 16/06/2022 ver.Rev.10 details
List of Participants_TRANSSC-44 (101kb) 21/06/2022 details
NST053 Security of Nuclear and other RM in transport (797kb) 20/05/2022 ver.INF details
TRANSSC-44 group picture (2,235kb) new! 30/06/2022 details
TW2.1_DS470 Joint TRANSSC-WASSC June22-Hari (196kb) 10/06/2022 details
TW2.2_DS537 Joint TRANSSC-WASSC (862kb) 11/06/2022 details
TW2.3_DPP DS539 Licensing Process for Nuclear Installations (465kb) 09/06/2022 details
TW2.4_DS499 Application of the Concept of Exemption_revised (1,255kb) 11/06/2022 details
TW2.4_DS499TRANSSC-WASSC Hari (536kb) 11/06/2022 details
TW2.5_DS500 revised during the RASSC session on 9 June 2022 (2,555kb) 09/06/2022 details
TW2.5_DS500 TRANSSC-WASSC June 2022-Ljubenov (451kb) 15/06/2022 details
TW2.6_DPP DS540 Radiation Safety for Industrial Radiography (519kb) 09/06/2022 details
TW4.1_Update by TTEG RP on exemption (651kb) 09/06/2022 details
TW4.2_Update on A1 A2 values (1,497kb) 09/06/2022 details
TW5.1_Project on Derivation of Specific Clearance Levels (790kb) 09/06/2022 details

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