Education & Training in
Nuclear Installation Safety

E&T in Nuclear Installation Safety

The IAEA is assisting Member States to develop sustainable systems to maintain technical competence in nuclear safety. The following is the structure established in the IAEA's nuclear safety programme to address these current safety issues:

Integrated Strategy

Complementary to its training courses and workshops, the Division of Nuclear Installation Safety (NSNI) is concentrating its efforts on assisting Member States to establish national sustainable education and training programs that are in line with international safety standards. An essential element of this effort is the development of model type training material for use by lecturers and students and to train the trainers who will ultimately implement the national programs in a harmonized way. The strategy is described in terms of vision, objectives and outputs and activities required for implementation.

Strategic Approach to Education and Training in Nuclear Safety 2013-2020

Identification of Member State Needs

The Agency offers a review and advisory service on systematic competence needs analyses, and planning of training programmes for nuclear safety. Missions have been conducted in many countries in Asia and Europe. Guidelines for self-assessment of competence needs, in particular for regulatory bodies, are under development.

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