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RASSC 54 - June 2023

Draft Agenda 54th RASSC Meeting - FULL (277kb) 09/06/2023 details
Draft RASSC-54 Report (779kb) 16/10/2023 details
ER.1.4 Draft Agenda-Joint EPReSC-RASSC Meeting June 2023 (174kb) 09/06/2023 details
ER2.1 DPP DS549 Hailu (378kb) 06/06/2023 details
ER2.2. DS550.pptx - GUSKOV.pdf (322kb) 09/06/2023 details
ER2.3 DPP for DS551 FAN (445kb) 08/06/2023 details
ER3.1 Progress in development DS544 ExES Guzman (962kb) 07/06/2023 details
ER3.2 International Trade Update _ Pappinisseri (485kb) 01/06/2023 details
ER3.3 Activities on managing radionuclides in commodities (945kb) 08/06/2023 details
ER3.4 CRP J15002_STEPHANI (1,206kb) 05/06/2023 details
ER3.5 Overview of TM on DS534 & DS527 Gokeri (962kb) 14/06/2023 ver.140623 details
ER4.1 Outcomes from EPReSC-RASSC meeting (June 2022) (213kb) 26/05/2023 details
ER4.2 International Framework RP Guzman (1,863kb) 09/06/2023 details
ER4.3 Role of RL and GC in PS for EPR Gokeri (1,282kb) 14/06/2023 ver.140623 details
ER5.1 Recovery of missing source in W Australia Charalambous (4,090kb) 13/06/2023 ver.130623 details
R.1.4 - RASSC-54 Draft Full Agenda 13-16 June 2023 (277kb) 09/06/2023 ver.09.06.23 details
R.1.5 Draft report RASSC-WASSC Joint Session on 24.11.22 (372kb) 02/06/2023 details
R.1.6.0 RASSC-53 Draft List of Outcomes & agreements -13.12. (368kb) 08/03/2023 ver.13.12.22 details
R.1.6.a Draft Chairperson Report of RASSC-53 -ONLY RASSC (732kb) 06/06/2023 ver.06.06.23 details
R.1.6.b Draft Report Topical Session non-food commodities (231kb) 02/06/2023 ver.01.06.23 details
R.2.1 Status report and results of CSS 53 May 2023_Delattre. (492kb) 01/06/2023 details
R.2.2 and R.2.3 Medium and long term plan DELATTRE (611kb) 01/06/2023 details
R.2.4 Revision of SPESS B and SPESS F Nikolaki (506kb) 01/06/2023 details
R.2.5 Phase 1 challenges application SS in armed conflict (452kb) 01/06/2023 details
R.2.6 Update on the new website for Review Committees (593kb) 01/06/2023 details
R.2.6 Update on the new website for Review Committees_Wright (593kb) 01/06/2023 details
R.3.1 Actions from RASSC- 53 Status GUZMAN (509kb) 05/06/2023 details
R.3.2 RASSC Road Map 2021-2023- June 2023 update Guzman (174kb) 01/06/2023 details
R.3.3 - PiP document RASSC-54 (144kb) 09/06/2023 details
R.3.3 PiP document for all RASSC-led SS Guzman (212kb) 09/06/2023 details
R.3.4 StatusofRASSC-ledGuidance Guzman (905kb) 13/06/2023 ver.130623 details
R.3.5 BSS Workshops document RASSC-54 (145kb) 02/06/2023 details
R.3.5 BSS Workshops RASSC 54 update PPT (122kb) 05/06/2023 details
R.4.1 DPP DS548_BRUNO (358kb) 08/06/2023 details
R.4.2 DPP DS547_ update Shah (512kb) 13/06/2023 ver.130623 details
R.4.3 DS524 Step 11 - Yllera updated (510kb) 13/06/2023 ver.130623 details
R.5.1 Progress of Development of DS519 HOU Jie (679kb) 09/06/2023 details
R.5.2-Safety Report on E&T in Medicine-J.Vassileva (925kb) 01/06/2023 details
R.5.3 RASSC 54 Status of Safety Guides pre-dating GSR Part 3 (557kb) 15/06/2023 ver.150623 details
R.5.4 Regional Workshop ExES Europe GUZMAN (794kb) 06/06/2023 details
R.5.5 Regional Workshop ExES Africa GUZMAN (866kb) 06/06/2023 details
R.5.6 - C.Wang - EES WS Global Analysis_Final (699kb) 09/06/2023 details
R.6.1 Brochures on SSG-57 and SSG-58 Hari (993kb) 06/06/2023 details
R.6.1 SSG-57 Brochure (1,253kb) 06/06/2023 details
R.6.1 SSG-58 Brochure (1,169kb) 06/06/2023 details
R.6.2 RASSC-54 Non-food Commodities_CRCPD-IAEA (2,131kb) 09/06/2023 details
R.6.3 TRANSSC work on NORM exemption - T Cabianca (657kb) 05/06/2023 details
R.6.4 MEREIA Update (2,565kb) 13/06/2023 details
R.6.5. WES - RASSC (678kb) 15/06/2023 ver.150623 details
R.7.1 FAO report_RASSC 54 (132kb) 09/06/2023 details
R.7.10 HERCA report for RASSC 54 (320kb) 15/06/2023 ver.150623 details
R.7.14 ISO Report for RASSC-54 (158kb) 01/06/2023 details
R.7.15 World Nuclear Association - RASSC54-Report (183kb) 15/06/2023 ver.150623 details
R.7.16 IEC Report for RASSC-54 (1,608kb) 12/06/2023 details
R.7.5 UNSCEAR Report for RASSC-54 (169kb) 02/06/2023 details
R.7.8 OECD-NEA Report for RASSC-54 (292kb) 01/06/2023 details
R.7.9 ENISS Report for RASSC-54 (583kb) 05/06/2023 details
R.7.9 ENISS Report for RASSC-54 (583kb) 12/06/2023 details
TS_0_Draft Agenda Joint Topical Session Second cancers (97kb) 09/06/2023 details
TS_2 Introduction - Overview of topic (1,040kb) 08/06/2023 details
TS_3.a Different volumes in radiotherapy (5,342kb) 08/06/2023 details
TS_3.c_Definition of second primary cancer (624kb) 02/06/2023 details
TS_3b Approaches to treatment radiotherapy_Velez (1,621kb) 14/06/2023 ver.140623 details
TS_4.a_RASSC Second primary cancers_Di Giorgio_Gonzalez (2,637kb) 07/06/2023 details
TS_4.b UNSCEAR_SPCaRT_Shannoun (833kb) 15/06/2023 ver.150623 details
TS_4.c Radiological Protection Aspects_Martin (1,677kb) 15/06/2023 ver.150623 details
TS_5.a FIN experiences and i_Violin_Toroi (2,572kb) 15/06/2023 ver.150623 details

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