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RASSC 53 - November 2022

Draft Summary of outcomes and agreements RASSC-53 (368kb) 10/01/2023 ver.2023-01-10 details
R.1.2_Administrative Arrangements (333kb) 21/11/2022 details
R.1.4 Draft Agenda RASCC 53 REV (120kb) 18/11/2022 ver.18.11.2022 details
R.1.4.b TS Draft Agenda TS RS Non-Food Commodities (153kb) 14/11/2022 ver.14.11.2022 details
R.1.5 Draft Report Joint EPReSC-RASSC Meeting June 2022 (367kb) 26/10/2022 details
R.1.5 Draft Report Joint EPReSC-RASSC Meeting June 2022 PPT (341kb) 28/11/2022 details
R.1.5 Draft Report Joint EPReSC-RASSC Meeting June 2022-REV1 (376kb) 28/11/2022 details
R.1.5 Draft Report Joint EPReSC-RASSC Meeting REV1-CLEAN (374kb) 28/11/2022 details
R.1.6 b Draft Report Topical Session ICRP-RASSC (234kb) 05/11/2022 details
R.1.6.a RASSC-52 Chairperson Report for approval (857kb) 17/11/2022 details
R.1.6.V.0 RASSC-52 Draft List of outcomes and agreements (1,006kb) 11/10/2022 ver.29.06.2022 details
R.2.1 Actions from RASSC- 52 Status (274kb) 14/11/2022 details
R.2.2 RASSC Road Map 2021-2023- Nov 22 update (174kb) 10/11/2022 details
R.2.3 - PiP document for RASSC-53 (98kb) 13/11/2022 details
R.2.3 - PiP document RASSC-led SS PPT (191kb) 13/11/2022 details
R.2.4 Status of RASSC-led Guidance_O. Guzman (547kb) 21/11/2022 details
R.2.5 BSS Workshops document RASSC-53 (99kb) 10/11/2022 details
R.2.5 BSS Workshops RASSC 53 update PPT (130kb) 17/11/2022 details
R.3.1_Result of the CSS 52 meeting_D. Delattre (739kb) 21/11/2022 details
R.3.2 and R.3.3 Update Medium and Long Term SS - Asfaw (605kb) 10/11/2022 details
R.3.2 Update Medium and Long Term SS For RASSC Approval (496kb) 30/11/2022 details
R.3.4 e-WG Long-term strategy SS .G.Thomas (330kb) 19/11/2022 details
R.3.4 RASSC inputs for Preparation of Long-term strategy SS (238kb) 20/01/2023 details
R.3.5 Report on CM on review of SPESS B - Asfaw (491kb) 10/11/2022 details
R.4.1 Regional WS Latin America ESS .Guzman (1,511kb) 21/11/2022 details
R.4.2 Regional WS EES Asia Pappinisseri (273kb) 21/11/2022 details
R.4.3-10th NORM Symposium_Okyar (1,444kb) 25/11/2022 details
R.4.4 ORP conference 2022 (1,513kb) 17/11/2022 details
R.4.5_CN-295 Overview_Pacheco (418kb) 25/11/2022 details
R.4.6 Implem. BSS medical TC Europe-Vassileva (1,881kb) 19/11/2022 details
R.5.1_IAEA_global_OSh_strategy_Nunes (299kb) 24/11/2022 details
R.5.2_UNSCEAR - RASSC 53_Occupationl Exposure_F. Shannoun (1,226kb) 24/11/2022 details
R.6.10_HERCA presentation (259kb) 23/11/2022 details
R.6.11 ICRP Report (224kb) 14/11/2022 details
R.6.14 ISO Report (157kb) 19/11/2022 details
R.6.15_WNA - IAEA-RASSC53_Report (281kb) 22/11/2022 details
R.6.5_RASSC_53_UNSCEAR Information paper_F. Shannoun (40kb) 24/11/2022 details
R.6.6_WHO Update - RASSC-53 (224kb) 25/11/2022 details
R.6.8_NEA_CRPPH-Update-RASSC53_J.Garnier-Laplace (3,049kb) 23/11/2022 details
R.6.9 ENISS Report (483kb) 19/11/2022 details
R1.5 Draft Report Joint Joint EPReSC-RASSC Meeting REV1-CLEA (374kb) 28/11/2022 details
RASSC-53 Draft Report TS on non food commodities (231kb) 08/03/2023 ver.08.03.23 details
RW1.3_Draft agenda for joint RASSC-WASSC (203kb) 22/11/2022 ver.V18.11.2022 details
RW2.1 DS542 - Ljubenov (445kb) 11/11/2022 details
RW2.2 DPP DS543 Transport SSR Reber (509kb) 19/11/2022 details
RW2.3 DS544 DPP RPS Approved (55kb) 14/12/2022 details
RW2.3 DS544 Draft DPP RPS EES GUZMAN (624kb) 10/11/2022 details
RW2.4 DS545 draft DPP RPS Irradiation facilit Pappinisseri (376kb) 10/11/2022 details
RW2.5 DPP-DS546 Ageing M&M Packages Fayyaz (297kb) 10/11/2022 details
RW2.6 DS_525 Chemistry WC NPP - Maekelae (328kb) 19/11/2022 details
RW3.1 DS518 Rev. of SSG-42 Rovny (255kb) 21/11/2022 details
RW4.1_RASSC and WASSC Joint Session_A.Clark (1,126kb) 23/11/2022 details
TS 2_Introduction. Requirements 81-82 in GC Resolutions (371kb) 30/11/2022 details
TS 3_RASSC53 Item 3 Topical Session_Hari (1,734kb) 30/11/2022 details
TS 4_Abel 2021_11_24 IAEA Consumer Goods (1,114kb) 30/11/2022 details
TS 5_IAEA HERCA non-food commodities (1,278kb) 30/11/2022 details
TS 6.a_11.24.22 Radiation Safety of Non-Food Products_lbrued (472kb) 30/11/2022 details
TS 6.b_ 221124_Monitoring & Safety Management_Korea (4,883kb) 30/11/2022 details
TS 6.c_Regulation of Non-Food Commodities_van de Put (672kb) 30/11/2022 details
TS 6.d_Ghana_E. Tetteh Glover (580kb) 30/11/2022 details

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