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RASSC 52 - June 2022

Draft Agenda Topical session ICRP-RASSC_07.06.22 (543kb) 07/06/2022 details
Draft Report Topical Session ICRP-RASSC (234kb) 05/11/2022 details
Draft Summary of outcomes and agreements RASSC-52 (1,006kb) 29/06/2022 ver.29-06-22 details
ER 2.1 EPReSC-RASSC_DPP DSS535 (600kb) 10/06/2022 details
ER 2.2 EPReSC-RASSC_DPP DS540 (1,043kb) 10/06/2022 details
ER 2.3 EPReSC-RASSC_DPP DS539 (600kb) 10/06/2022 details
ER 2.4 EPReSC-RASSC_DPP DS538 (507kb) 10/06/2022 details
ER 2.5 EPReSC-RASSC_DS470 step 11 (402kb) 10/06/2022 details
ER 2.6 EPReSC-RASSC_DSG DS521 (581kb) 10/06/2022 details
ER 3.1 EPReSC-RASSC_New Overarching Guidance (695kb) 10/06/2022 details
ER 3.2 Transition from an emergency exposure situation to an (719kb) 10/06/2022 details
ER 3.3 Food Safety and Management of Non-food Commodities (1,289kb) 10/06/2022 details
ER 3.4 EPRSEC_RASSC_Radioactivitiy in food (2,044kb) 10/06/2022 details
ER.1.4 Joint Meeting EPReSC-RASSC 08.06.22 -Draft Agenda (175kb) 03/06/2022 ver.03.06.22 details
R.1.2 Administrative arrangements_O.Guzman (1,250kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.1.4 RASSC-52 Draft Agenda (680kb) 28/06/2022 ver.ver. 07.06.22 details
R.1.5 Report from the joint meeting of RASSC and WASSC_R.Bly (541kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.1.6 Draft Report RASSC-51 for silence approval (495kb) 03/08/2022 details
R.1.6 RASSC-51 Report - Summary of outcomes and agreements (181kb) 01/05/2022 details
R.2.1 Actions from RASSC 51_O.Guzman (426kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.2.2 RASSC Road Map 2021-2023- June 2022 update_O.Guzman (378kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.2.3 PiP document for all RASSC-led Standards_O.Guzman (93kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.2.4 BSS Workshops Update RASSC-52 (379kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.3.1 Results of the 51st CSS meeting_D.Delattre (810kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.3.2 Updated draft Medium-Term Plan_D.Delattre (806kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.3.3 Long term strategy for the Safety Standards_D.Delattre (785kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.3.6 RASSC inputs to improve SPESS B_K.Asfaw (593kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.4.1.a Progress in the development of the DPP-Outcomes (1,080kb) 09/06/2022 details
R.4.1.b Outcomes of national BSS Workshop in Mongolia (391kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.4.2 SS1 Safe handling of Radionuclides_Olvido_Bosnjak (832kb) 09/06/2022 details
R.4.3 Workplan update RASSC-led Guidance predating GSRPart3 (371kb) 09/06/2022 details
R.4.4 Update on Safety report on International Trades_Hari (1,160kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.5.1 DS499 Application of the concept of exemption (1,255kb) 10/06/2022 ver.09.06.22 details
R.5.2 DS500 Clearance-2022-06-09 Revised & Approved by RASSC (3,879kb) 10/06/2022 ver.09.06.22 details
R.5.2 DS500 Clearance-2022-06-09 Revised & Approved by RASSC (2,555kb) 09/06/2022 ver.09.06.22 details
R.6.1.a Pre-printed SR 114 Management Food non-emergencies (5,587kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.6.1.b Working Material version TECDOC Management Food (1,971kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.6.1_radioactivity_in_food_and drinking_water_Final (2,817kb) 09/06/2022 details
R.6.2 Information paper to the CCCF_Blackburn (1,232kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.7.1 TM on Radon in Workplaces_O.German (587kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.7.2 IACRS - Latest developments_M.Pinak_O.Guzman (1,506kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.7.3 Applicability of the safety standards to SMRs (2,217kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.7.4 Applicability of GSR Part 3 and related guidance to SM (1,040kb) 09/06/2022 details
R.7.5 European public survey on awareness about radon (1,371kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.7.6 TM on Rad Protection in Fluoroscopically Guided I.P. (2,438kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.7.7 IRRS reports analysis major areas for recommendations (865kb) 09/06/2022 details
R.7.8 Experience from the pilot Advisory Mission (2,402kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.8.1 Intl Orgs - FAO report (132kb) 02/06/2022 details
R.8.10 Intl Orgs - HERCA report (539kb) 02/06/2022 details
R.8.11 Intl Orgs - ICRP_Clement (742kb) 10/06/2022 details
R.8.14 Intl Orgs - ISO report (155kb) 02/06/2022 details
R.8.15 Intl Orgs - WNA report (589kb) 02/06/2022 details
R.8.16 Intl Orgs - IEC report (2,896kb) 02/06/2022 details
R.8.5 Intl Orgs - UNSCEAR (33kb) 06/06/2022 details
R.8.6 Intl Orgs- WHO_van Deventer (179kb) 07/06/2022 details
R.8.8 Intl Orgs - OECD-NEA report (2,269kb) 02/06/2022 details
R.8.9 Intl Orgs - ENISS report (510kb) 02/06/2022 details
R.9. DPP NST070 Nuclear Security Implementing Guide_Hewes (585kb) 09/06/2022 details
TS ICRP-RASSC_ICRP & The Review and Revision of the System (1,166kb) 10/06/2022 details
TS-ICRP-RASSC_Protection of the environment (726kb) 10/06/2022 details
TS_ICRP-RASS_Clarity, Consistency, and Communication (444kb) 10/06/2022 details
TS_ICRP-RASSC_Environmental Radiological Protection (585kb) 10/06/2022 details
TS_ICRP-RASSC_Justification and Optimisation Challenges (579kb) 10/06/2022 details
TS_ICRP-RASSC_Keynote presentation by RASSC Chair (416kb) 10/06/2022 details
TS_ICRP-RASSC_Review of the System (521kb) 10/06/2022 details
TS_ICRP-RASSC_Some emerging issues in medical exposure (1,510kb) 10/06/2022 details
TS_ICRP-RASSC_Working for the Public Benefit (709kb) 10/06/2022 details

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