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    RASSC 55 - November 2023

    Final RASSC end-of-term report 2021-23 approved (1,091kb) 28/03/2024 ver.18.03.2024 details
    Final RASSC end-of-term report 2021-23 for silent approval (1,644kb) 04/03/2024 details
    R.1.4 - RASSC-55 Draft Agenda (217kb) 12/11/2023 ver.11.11.2023 details
    R.1.5 Draft report RASSC-54 including Topical Session (779kb) 16/10/2023 details
    R.1.6 Draft Report EPReSC-RASSC Meeting 14.06.23 (409kb) 31/10/2023 details
    R.2.1 Actions from RASSC- 54 Status (361kb) 31/10/2023 details
    R.2.2 RASSC Road Map 2021-2023- Noviembre 2023 update (252kb) 05/10/2023 details
    R.2.3 PiP document for all RASSC-led guidance-Slides (261kb) 14/11/2023 details
    R.2.3 PiP document for all RASSC-led SS (145kb) 31/10/2023 details
    R.2.4 Status of RASSC-led Guidance (969kb) 14/11/2023 details
    R.2.5 BSS Workshops document RASSC-55 (147kb) 31/10/2023 details
    R.3.1 Draft RASSC End of Term 2021-2023 Report (690kb) 05/11/2023 details
    R.3.2 9th RASSC Term self-assessment report 2021-2023 (626kb) 07/11/2023 details
    R.3.3 Status of priorities and discussions for next Term (510kb) 14/11/2023 details
    R.3.3 Status priorities ninth Term of RASSC (2021-2023) (30kb) 02/11/2023 details
    R.4.1 DPP DS553 RASSC 55 (769kb) 13/11/2023 details
    R.4.2 RASSC_DPP_DS554_SSG-26_Step_3.pdf (399kb) 14/11/2023 details
    R.5.1 DS543_SSR-6 (Rev. 2)_Step 7_RASSC.pdf (557kb) 14/11/2023 details
    R.5.1.2 Update of the Q system (1,666kb) 16/11/2023 details
    R.5.2 RASSC 55 - DS529 (392kb) 02/11/2023 details
    R.5.3 RASSC_DS505 Step 7 (1,102kb) 08/11/2023 details
    R.5.4 DS519 Protection of Workers Against Exposure Step-11 (441kb) 14/11/2023 details
    R.5.5 RASSC 55 - DS525_Step11 (358kb) 07/11/2023 details
    R.6.1 Technical Meeting International Trade Commodities (1,488kb) 07/11/2023 details
    R.6.2 Database presentation by KWilliams (3,183kb) 16/11/2023 details
    R.6.3 RASSC 55_TRACE_GN (1,928kb) 13/11/2023 details
    R.6.4 RASSC 55_IAEA RSTSL presentation (6,282kb) 17/11/2023 details
    R.6.5-RASSC 55 - ORPAS_Okyar (4,440kb) 16/11/2023 details
    R.6.6 RASSC TM on AS for RP in Medical Exposure-GERSHAN (1,065kb) 13/11/2023 details
    R.6.7 IAEA Working Group Denial of Shipment_.pdf (2,861kb) 14/11/2023 details
    R.6.8 ICRP Public dose coefficients F Paquet (824kb) 11/11/2023 details
    R.7.1 USA analysis on Check Cap – Information (405kb) 13/11/2023 details
    R.7.2 ICRP Dose Coefficients (1,156kb) 14/11/2023 details
    R.7.3 Trinitite Presentation by ABolger (750kb) 13/11/2023 details
    R.7.4 MegaPorts NSDD presentation by KWilliams (1,430kb) 13/11/2023 details
    R.8.10 HERCA report for RASSC-55 (121kb) 09/11/2023 details
    R.8.12 IRPA report for RASSC-55 (210kb) 09/11/2023 details
    R.8.14 ISO SC 2 Report for RASSC-55 (551kb) 08/11/2023 details
    R.8.15 World Nuclear Association - IAEA-RASSC55-Report (190kb) 16/11/2023 details
    R.8.16 IEC Report for RASSC-55 (562kb) 09/11/2023 details
    R.8.2 ILO Report to the 55th RASSC meeting (126kb) 15/11/2023 details
    R.8.5 RASSC_55_UNSCEAR Information paper (27kb) 14/11/2023 details
    R.8.9 Lorenz ENISS RASSC November 2023 (477kb) 13/11/2023 details
    RASSC-55-DRAFT REPORT_For RASSC Comment-2024.03.01.pdf (1,261kb) 01/03/2024 details
    RASSC-55-List of outcomes and agreements-Draft (366kb) 01/03/2024 ver.01.03.2024 details
    Slido Survey Results (1,995kb) 29/02/2024 details

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