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Nuclear Security e-Learning

Nuclear Security e-learning courses

The Use of Radiation Detection Instruments

The IAEA has developed an interactive computer based training course that is addressed to front-line officers, border guards, customs officials and law enforcement officers around the world using handheld radiation detection instruments.

The e-learning programme aims to:

  • Improve understanding about key elements of the use of radiation detection instruments
  • Improve operating capabilities of radiation detection instruments
  • Support instructors in their training efforts
  • Serve as a pre-requisite to IAEA Radiation Detection Techniques Training
  • Supplement classroom training on radiation detection equipment
  • Serve as refresher course

The estimated time for completing the programme is 4½ hours maximum. Upon successful completion of the programme, the system will generate a personalized certificate. A number of IAEA nuclear security training activities require the successful completion of the e-Learning programme prior to attending training.

Nuclear Security Disciplines

In addition the IAEA has developed a set of 5 online courses titled Nuclear Security Disciplines. These courses are based on IAEA nuclear security guidance and provide an introduction to the basic principles of nuclear security for personnel of nuclear facilities and interested members of the public.

The estimated time for completing each course is 1 hour maximum. Upon successful completion of each course the system will generate a personalized certificate of completion. There are a number of further IAEA nuclear security training activities which would require prior successful completion of this e-learning programme.

How to register

  • Please go to the Training Portal on your web browser. It supports all current versions of major internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, as well as iOS and Android
  • Log in using your ID and Password from the Front Line Officers module, or create a new account through our very basic registration process (requesting your title, name, email, password, preferred language, affiliation and member state)
  • Click “Submit”
  • You will soon receive an automated email at the email address that you registered with. This is to ensure that you have put in the correct contact details. Please click on the link to activate
  • You are now ready to access all 6 eLearning modules on Nuclear Security


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| Last update: Thursday, 11 December, 2014.