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Educational and training material

Post-Graduate Educational Course in Radiation Protection

A Standard Syllabus for post-graduate Educational Courses in Radiation Protection (PGEC) was published in 2002. The PGEC is a comprehensive training programme aimed at training young professionals at graduate level or the equivalent for initial training to acquire a sound basis in radiation protection and safety of radiation sources, some of them would be expected to become the trainers in due time. PGEC is designed to provide both theoretical and practical training in the multidisciplinary scientific and / or technical bases of international recommendations and standards on radiation protection and their implementation. The Agency has been assisting the organization of the regular PGECs in different Regional Centres and in different Agency's official languages. These include Argentina (Spanish), Syria (Arabic), Malaysia and Greece (English), Morocco (French) and Belarus (Russian).

Specialized Training Courses

The specialized training courses are usually shorter in duration. These courses last in general one or two weeks and are in principle given to professional/technical staff or those who have already attended PGEC. The training courses cover, inter alia, a wide range of topics including regulatory framework, occupational exposure (external and internal), patient protection (diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine), radioactive waste management, transport of radioactive materials and safety of radioactive sources.


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