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Knowledge and Experience Sharing Workshops

Ageing Management of Nuclear Power Plant Components Important to Safety

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This workshop deals with the management of physical/material ageing of NPP components important to safety. It discusses safety related technical and organizational aspects of ageing management but does not deal with the economic aspects or life management which is an integration of ageing management and economic planning.

The objective of the workshop is to encourage and facilitate implementation of effective ageing management (AM) in nuclear power plants (NPPs) through transferring to workshop participants information on a systematic ageing management of NPP components important to safety.


 Introduction to management of physical aging (431KB)

 Aging management methodology (908KB)

 Implementation of NPP aging management (441KB)

 Proactive aging management (464KB)

 Aging management assessment (477KB)

 Exercise: Application of AM guidance to electrical cables (247KB)

After completion of the workshop each participant should know:

  • Basic concepts and terminology of ageing management
  • Implications of both physical ageing and non-physical ageing on NPP safety
  • Safety based method for screening NPP components for AM studies/evaluations
  • Methodology for performing AM studies/evaluations
  • NPP data that should be collected and record keeping methods that could be used to facilitate effective AM of NPP components important to safety
  • Systematic ageing management process and an organizational model for implementation of AM programmes
  • Significant ageing management mechanisms and effects as well as an outline of AM programme for their control for:
    - Selected major metal/mechanical components
    - Electrical cables
    - Concrete structures
    - Metal containment structures
  • The concept of equipment qualification (EQ) and how EQ is used to manage ageing of electrical, instrumentation and control equipment important to safety
  • How proactive ageing management can improve AM effectiveness
  • IAEA approach for assessing effectiveness of NPP AM programmes In addition, after completion of the workshop each participant should be familiar with IAEA guidance on ageing management that is documented on the latest version of an IAEA CD-ROM “IAEA Guidance on Ageing Management for Nuclear Power Plants”, IAEA, Vienna (2002) and should have practised its application in a table top exercise.

Target group: junior professionals of NPP operating and technical support organizations responsible for ensuring required functional capability of NPP systems, structures and components important to safety, as well as for members of regulatory organizations responsible for safety oversight of operational NPPs.
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