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Competence Management
for Regulatory Bodies

Steering Committee Reports

Following the conclusions of various IAEA Technical Meetings related to developing and ensuring regulatory competence in Member States with nuclear power plants, the establishment of a Steering Committee to discuss issues, exchange information and advise the IAEA on how best to support the Member States’s training programmes was strongly recommended. Terms of Reference for the Steering Committee were prepared and approved. The Steering Committee was established formally in 2009, and since then it has been successfully implementing its strategic work plan.

Amongst the achievements of the Steering Committee on competence of human resources of regulatory bodies in Member States with nuclear power plants, it can be noted the following:

  • Revision and updating of the Systematic Assessment of Competence Needs and its associated questionnaires and software based self-assessment tool
  • Research on best systems to ensure and manage regulatory competence. A safety report collecting current knowledge and good practices on management systems for regulatory competence is under preparation
  • Sharing training courses and documentation amongst its members and creating a compilation of websites and internet resources useful for training of regulatory bodies available from the Member States and the IAEA
  • Promoting and giving advice on the IAEA safety standards related to developing, ensuring and managing regulatory competence.

Safety Reports Series No.79 on
Managing Regulatory Body Comeptence

This Safety Report provides generic guidance on managing the competence of regulatory bodies. It can be used as an example for States on how to meet the requirements of systematically assessing staff competence needs, in the near and long term, and on the basis of this, delivering training and other elements of competence development, as well as continually improving this part of the management system. This Safety Report contains best practices based on experience and in line with IAEA safety standards, and describes a competence model based on four major categories for regulatory bodies.

 Safety Reports Series No.79 on Managing Regulatory Body Competence (1.0MB)

Regulatory Control of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs)

The purpose of this book is to support IAEA training courses and workshops in the field of regulatory control of nuclear power plants as well as to support the regulatory bodies of Member States in their own training activities. The target group is the professional staff members of nuclear safety regulatory bodies supervising nuclear power plants and having duties and responsibilities in the following regulatory fields: regulatory framework; regulatory organization; regulatory guidance; licensing and licensing documents; assessment of safety; and regulatory inspection and enforcement. Important topics such as regulatory competence and quality of regulatory work as well as emergency preparedness and public communication are also covered.

 Regulatory Control of Nuclear Power Plants - Part A & B (2.4MB)

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