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Education and Training


The establishment of sustainable education and training programmes are fundamental to safety. This view is supported by several General Conference Resolutions, dating back to 1992, by which the Agency was requested, inter alia to intensify postgraduate educational and specialized training courses in appropriate official languages of the Agency, and to develop, in a systematic manner, syllabuses and training material for specific target groups.

Training is also an essential component in building and sustaining capacity in national nuclear security systems. The Agency offers a wide variety of international, regional, sub-regional and national training courses and workshops which draw upon international guidelines and recommendations published by the Agency and international best practices.

In a resolution during its meeting in 2003, the General Conference re-emphasized the importance of education and training in establishing and maintaining an adequate radiation protection and nuclear safety infrastructure, and noted the actions taken by the Secretariat towards developing strategies for education and training in nuclear, radiation and waste safety. The General Conference also:

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