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Training events calendar

Nominations should be submitted on the standard IAEA application form for training courses. Completed forms should be endorsed by and returned through the established official channels (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the national Atomic Energy Authority or the office of the United Nations Development Programme).

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Safety Assessment Training Events 2014 - All regions - All languages
Jan 13-17
Workshop on Fire Protection of new Nuclear Power Plant Designs - Details
Jan 14-15
Workshop on Site Risk Characterization of Nuclear Power Plants: Site Safety Goals and Holistic Approaches to Risk Assessment - Details
Jan 20-24
Advanced Practical Applications - Workshop on RELAP 5 - Details
Jan 20-24
TRACE training workshop - Details
Apr 1-4
International Workshop on Robustness of Electrical Systems of Nuclear Power Plants in the Light of the Fukushima Daiichi Accident - Details
Apr 7-11
Regional Workshop on Review Exercise for Safety Analysis of the Safety Analysis Report (ANSN) - Details
Jun 23-27
Regional Workshop on the Case Exercise of Safety Anlysis using RELAP5 (ANSN) - Details
Republic of Korea
Jun 23-27
Regional Training Course on Self-Assessment of National Regulatory Infrasturcture for Safety (SARIS) - Details
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