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Sustainable Management of Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources (DSRS)

Insert image hereInternational Workshop on Sustainable Management of Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources (DSRS), 11 - 15 October, 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal

The workshop was organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in cooperation with the Government of Portugal through the Nuclear and Technological Institute (ITN). Chairman's report; presentations


The purpose of the workshop was to promote the safe and secure management of disused sealed radioactive sources, with emphasis on sustainable long term management, in particular the development of strategies that integrate safety and security, and the role of legal instruments such as the Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources (the Code of Conduct), and the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management (the Joint Convention).


The workshop was attended by approximately 70 participants from over 40 different countries representing national programmes, regulatory bodies, international projects and organizations implementing and managing radioactive sources.


The topics discussed covered the life cycle of disused radioactive sources with a special focus on long term management aspects, namely storage and disposal.

The workshop considered the following themes:

  • Institutional Framework and International Cooperation
  • Sustainable Lifecycle Management of DSRS
  • Creating Synergies between the Code of Conduct and the Joint Convention
  • Disposal of DSRS


Workshop participants acknowledged the IAEA’s efforts to strengthen the safety and security of DSRS and to support the upgrading of DSRS management infrastructure in Member States. It was recognized that, while centralized storage is key to safe and secure management of DSRS, long-term storage is not a permanent solution and countries should be working toward a less temporary solution, such as recycling and reusing of sources, and disposal such as the "BOSS" (borehole disposal of sealed sources) system. Synergies between the Code of Conduct and the Joint Convention were also recommended to support the promotion of and greater adherence to the Code of Conduct and the Joint Convention.

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