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Conclusion of the FaSa Project

Insert image hereInternational Project on Use of Safety Assessment in the Planning and Implementation of Decommissioning of Facilities using Radioactive Material (FaSa)

In 2011, participants of all five FaSa Working Groups (WG) and those of the four Test Cases (TC) continued to work on the relevant parts of the FaSa report, drawing upon their experience of decommissioning safety assessment. Planning, review and coordination of group activities was carried out at various Working Group and Test Cases meetings.

Schedule of Meetings

Two meetings of individual Working Groups were held in 2011 - one in Grenoble, Research Reactor Test Case in March and one in in Rome, Nuclear Power Plant Test Case.

A combined meeting of three Working Groups and Test Cases was held in Paris comprised of the Decommissioning Conduct Working Group, the Implementation of the Safety Assessment Working Group and the Fuel Fabrication Facility Test Case Group, in September, 2011.

A meeting of the FaSa Coordinating Group was organized in Rome, on 4 to 6 May, 2011. At this meeting, progress achieved by all Working Groups and Test Case Groups since the Joint Meeting in 2010 was reviewed, while activities to be completed prior to the Final Joint Meeting in Vienna, November 2011, were planned. The work done by the different Working Groups and Test Case Groups was cross-checked so as to ensure consistency.

The Fourth and Final Joint Meeting of the FaSa project was held in Vienna, on 21 to 25 November, 2011 and was attended by 43 participants from 24 countries. Participants reviewed the progress achieved in 2011 and finalized all the project activities initiated and conducted during the First, Second and Third Joint FaSa Meetings, held in 2008, 2009 and 2010, respectively. The participants also reviewed the implementation of these activities, implemented through several meetings of the Working Groups and Test Cases Groups during the 2009-2011 period.

Project report

Draft report of the FaSa project is available here (working material).

Four supporting test cases are provided here:

Annex 1 – The Nuclear Power Plant Test Case

Annex 2 – The Research Reactor Test Case

Annex 3 – The Fuel Fabrication Facility Test Case

Annex 4 – The Mining and Milling Processing Facility Test Case


The FaSa project was an excellent example of enthusiastic and very efficient joint work carried out by many experts from countries with different regulatory frameworks, different facilities, diverse human and financial resources, and varying levels of progress in decommissioning.

The project provided a forum for collection of best practices in decommissioning safety assessment and their implementation in practice, and for exchange of national experience. It also provided valuable input for the on-going revision of the IAEA safety standards for decommissioning (ppt). Similar projects should be considered in the future to address other priority topics on decommissioning.

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