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Establishing the Safety Infrastructure

Safety Package Module 5:
Site Survey, Site Selection & Site Evaluation

This module provides support for implementation of the actions related to:

  • The steps and associated actions related to site survey, site selection and site evaluation
  • The many and complex technical and environmental considerations in site evaluation

Related SSG-16 Actions: 160 – 169


Safety Standards

Tutorial Material

Workshops and/or Expert Missions

  • An integrated approach for site selection and evaluation for a NPP project
  • Site Selection Process, Licensing Process and the Phases Site Selection
  • IAEA Safety Requirements for Site Evaluation of Nuclear Installations
  • Collection and interpretation of geological, geophysical and seismological data IAEA Safety Guide on Evaluation of Seismic Hazards and Volcanic Hazards
  • Geotechnical aspects and foundation safety
  • Meteorological hazards - Evaluation of extreme meteorological events
  • Hydrological Hazards - Guidance
  • Flood Hazard Analysis – case studies
  • Tsunami Hazards - Guidance as per DS417 (SK)
  • Dispersion in Air, environmental considerations
  • Dispersion in Water, environmental considerations
  • Human induced Events
  • Population considerations & demonstration of the feasibility of emergency plan

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