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Establishing the Safety Infrastructure

Safety Package Module 10: Transport Safety

This module provides support for implementation of the actions related to:

  • The legal and regulatory framework for transport of nuclear fuel, radioactive waste and spent fuel
  • Competence areas for the transport regulator
  • International safety requirements

Related SSG-16 Actions: 189- 192


Safety Standards

Tutorial Material

Workshops and/or Expert Missions

  • Ensuring a sustainable safety infrastructure for Transport of nuclear material in line with the categories in para. 3.89 in SSG-16:

    Design assessment
    Witnessing of testing
    Witnessing of manufacture
    Examination of maintenance and servicing arrangements
    Monitoring of transport operations
    Enforcement actions and investigations of incidents
    Interdepartmental liaison and/or co-operation
    Issuing of approvals
    Regulatory review and maintenance of an effective legal frameworkk
    Training and distribution of information
    Emergency planning and exercises
    Audits of management systems

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