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Establishing the Safety Infrastructure

Safety Package for Module 1:

Governmental, Legal and Regulatory Framework for Safety

This module combines the following elements of SSG–16:

  • National policy and strategy for safety (Actions 1 – 10)
  • Global nuclear safety regime (Actions 11 – 19)
  • Legal framework (Actions 20 – 23)
  • Regulatory framework (Actions 24 – 38)
  • Transparency and openness (Actions 39 – 47)
  • Funding and financing (Actions 48 – 60)

Related SSG-16 Actions: 1 – 60

In Phase 1, the Government is building awareness related to the establishment of safety infrastructure and other aspects of infrastructure necessary to support a knowledgeable decision. The safety package for this module addresses these elements with that goal. At the end of Phase 1, the government should be fully aware that a nuclear power programme needs a firm and long term commitment to ensuring safety.

In Phase 2, the Government should establish a clear national policy and strategy for meeting safety requirements and ensure the efficient development of the safety infrastructure including funding provisions. Furthermore, the Government should enact essential elements of the Legal framework and establish an independent regulatory body. Following its creation, the regulatory body must prepare its regulatory framework (safety requirements for bidding and licensing process and inspection activities). The Government should become party to international legal instruments and all organizations should establish international cooperation. All organizations should inform the public and interested parties on safety issues.

In Phase 3, the Government should continue to ensure the efficient development of the safety infrastructure. The regulatory body will perform its regulatory functions associated with the construction phase of the NPP. The Government should implement international obligations and all organizations should implement international cooperation programmes. All organizations should ensure continued transparency and openness on safety issues.

Safety Standards

Safety Requirements

Safety Guides*

*This does not constitute the entire list of applicable safety guides, but they are most relevant to this focus of this module.

IAEA Assistance

Education and Training

For building awareness in phase 1 – as well as advanced phases for general knowledge – the IAEA offers the following basic training courses:

Also in phase 1, the IAEA offers overview type workshops/training courses such as:

Office of Legal Affairs – the Nuclear Law Institute. (All Phases)

For Phase 2 and Phase 3, the IAEA has developed a series of workshops to strengthen regulatory bodies’ capabilities to fulfill their core regulatory functions.

These workshops contain exemplary training material based on the relevant IAEA safety standards, practical applications in countries with mature regulatory infrastructure and exercises. Lecture notes and power point presentations have been developed for all the workshops:

Additional information on Education and Training can be found at:–training

Advisory Services

  • Advisory services in the form of expert missions and documentation reviews may be performed in any of these workshop topics (combined or separate)
  • Office of Legal Affairs – Legislative Assistance Programme.

Relevant Publications

Handbooks I and II on Nuclear Law - IAEA Office of Legal Affairs

Peer Reviews

Knowledge Networks and Tools

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