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Establishing the Safety Infrastructure

W9: Workshop on Human Resources Management for the Regulatory Body

(for Phase 2 and early Phase 3 countries)

To provide information and guidance on the following sub-topics:

  • Competences required for effective performance of regulatory functions
  • Competence needs Assessment
  • Development of a Human Resources Plan
  • Recruitment and training of the regulatory body staff
  • Development of Training Programmes for each competence area
  • Methodologies and approaches for the training of regulatory body staff
  • Management of the competence and skills of the regulatory body staff
  • Roles of external support organizations
  • Human resources sustainability

To share experiences, good practices and lessons of some countries in Phase 3 or beyond, which are considered as good examples on the topic for embarking countries

To provide information about assistances provided by the IAEA to embarking countries for staffing of the Regulatory Body and training of the regulatory body staff

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| Last update: Thursday, 09 June, 2016.