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Establishing the Safety Infrastructure

W6: Workshop on Regulatory Inspection and Enforcement

(for late Phase 2 or early Phase 3 countries)

To provide information and guidance on the following sub-topics:

  • Legal and regulatory framework for inspection and enforcement
  • Development of a regulatory inspection programme
  • Selection of areas of inspection
  • Inspection of the management system
  • Graded approach for inspections
  • Types of inspections and inspection areas in to be conducted by the regulatory body during construction and operation of a nuclear power plant
  • Approaches and methods for conduct of inspections
  • Planning and organization of inspections, including workforce planning (competencies needed to conduct regulatory inspections effectively, use of external technical support for regulatory inspections)
  • Development of internal-use procedures and guidelines for inspections
  • Regulatory use of experience feedback with emphasis on NPP construction
  • Qualification of inspectors
  • Format and content of inspection reports
  • Regulatory approach and oversight for staff of the licensee (constructor/vendor/operator) who hold key safety-related positions
  • Management of enforcement actions, taking into consideration the level of penalty on the basis of severity of non-compliance
  • Methods of enforcement; internal-use procedures regarding the enforcement process
  • Factors in determining enforcement actions
  • Administrative and legal issues concerning the enforcement process

To share experiences of some MS’s, which are in Phases 2 and 3 or beyond, in implementing the various regulatory approaches regarding safety review and assessment, regulatory inspections and enforcement; benefits and implications of those approaches.

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| Last update: Thursday, 09 June, 2016.