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Establishing the Safety Infrastructure

W4: Workshop on Licensing Process

(for Phase 2 countries)

To provide information and guidance on the following sub-topics:

  • Key elements of a licensing process, including basic licensing principles, for nuclear installations in all stages of their life time: siting and site evaluation, design, construction, commissioning, operation, decommissioning and release from regulatory control
  • Steps of the licensing process; alternative regulatory approaches
  • Graded approach in the licensing activities
  • Roles and responsibilities of the regulatory body and the licensee in the licensing process
  • Essential documents to be submitted by the applicant/licensee for use in licensing, which are subjected to regulatory review and assessment
  • Documents to be prepared by regulatory body during the licensing process
  • Interactions between regulatory body, applicant and other government organizations during the licensing process
  • Managing of the Licensing Process
  • Licensing fees
  • Involvement of the Public and other interested parties in the regulatory process
  • Qualification of operators and other key plant personnel

To share international experiences, good practices and lessons learned relevant to embarking countries.

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| Last update: Thursday, 09 June, 2016.