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Establishing the Safety Infrastructure

W3: Workshop on Safety Regulations

(for Phase 2 countries)

To provide information and guidance on the regulatory approaches, particularly for the development of safety regulations

To understand the key elements to be considered for selecting a Regulatory Approach and their effect on the future regulatory system

To provide information and guidance/recommendations on drafting regulations and guide including:

  • Key elements of the process for drafting, revising and reviewing safety regulations
  • Regulatory Approaches
  • Subjects/areas that need to be covered by safety regulations, particularly for Phase 2 and Phase 3 activities
  • Legal issues that need specific consideration during preparation of safety regulations
  • Use of IAEA Safety Standards and Vendor Regulations
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Use of external technical support for development of safety regulations

To provide information on the current IAEA Safety Standards and their hierarchy

To share experiences of some MS’s, which are in Phases 2 and 3 or beyond, in implementing the various regulatory approaches on the subject; benefits and implications of those approaches

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| Last update: Thursday, 09 June, 2016.