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Establishing the Safety Infrastructure

W2: Workshop on Regulatory Framework

(for late Phase 1 and early Phase 2 countries)

To provide information and guidance/recommendations on the following sub-topics:

  • Essential elements of an effective regulatory framework
  • Legal and technical requirements and issues concerning the regulatory infrastructure
  • The role, responsibilities and functions of the regulatory body
  • Independence of the regulatory body
  • Financing of the regulatory body and regulatory activities
  • Alternative regulatory approaches; their benefits and implications (briefly)
  • Licensing process for nuclear power plants (briefly)
  • Organization and staffing of the regulatory body (briefly)
  • Capacity building, particularly human resource development and maintenance of the competence of the regulatory body (briefly)
  • Use of external technical support and consultancy
  • International cooperation
  • Management system for the regulatory body (briefly)
  • Communication with the public
  • Relations with the applicant/licensee

To share experiences, good practices and lessons of some MS’s in Phases 2 and 3 or beyond, which are considered as good examples on the topic for emerging countries

To provide information about assistances provided by the IAEA to embarking countries for establishing an effective and efficient regulatory framework

This workshop is mainly designed for countries that are about to complete or have already completed the Phase 1 (very early Phase 2). The information and guidance that will be given on the sub-topics listed above should be as detailed as possible (particularly, in comparison with the information given in W1) so that by using the information and knowledge obtained from the workshop, audience participants will be able to roughly design and establish their basic nuclear regulatory framework themselves to the extent necessary for performing the Phase 2 activities effectively and adequately. Further, they will be able to conduct a preliminary self-assessment of their national regulatory framework if it has already been developed to some extent. The main target countries are those in late Phase 1 and early Phase 2, who are systematically following the Milestone Approach and complete Phase 1 activities/duties. However, participants from embarking countries that are in late Phase 2 and have already developed a national regulatory framework in some extent may also be invited to the workshop to enable them to identify gaps and areas that need improvement in their existing national system

This workshop will serve as a base and a prerequisite for the workshops W3-W7. The workshops W3-W7 can be organized as a follow up/continuation of this workshop. The purpose of the workshops W3-W7 is to provide more detailed information on the specific subjects for effective, adequate and timely performance of the Phase 3 activities and establishment of a more mature regulatory system.

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