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Establishing the Safety Infrastructure

W1: Workshop on National Infrastructure including Governmental, Legal and Regulatory Infrastructure for Safe Implementation of Nuclear Power Programme


To present an overview of the issues concerning the development of the safety infrastructure for enabling respective national decision makers of emerging countries, which are considering the introduction of nuclear power as part of their national energy strategy, to better understand their national commitments and responsibilities needed to be fulfilled in a complete, appropriate, and timely manner in order to achive a safe and secure implementation of their prospective nuclear power programme, prior to a decision on whether or not to introduce a nuclear power programme, including:

  • Responsibilities of the Government regarding safe implementation of a nuclear power programme
  • Establishment of a project organization or an advisory body that will provide the necessary information and recommendations to the Government and assist in the coordination of the work
  • Development of a national policy and strategy for nuclear safety
  • Main elements of a Governmental, Legal and Regulatory Infrastructure for safety
    1. Global Nuclear Safety Regime (international obligations and arrangements for international cooperation)
    2. Legal framework
    3. Regulatory framework
  • The role and functions of organizations that are necessary for a well-functioning safety infrastructure; coordination of different authorities with responsibilities for safety within the regulatory framework
  • Transparency and openness in the regulatory process
  • Funding and financing of nuclear safety infrastructure
  • National capacity building / human resource development
  • Emergency Planning
  • Site selection/evaluation
  • Safety-Security interface

To provide information about assistances provided by the IAEA to embarking countries for establishing Governmental, Legal and Regulatory Infrastructure for nuclear power programme

To share experiences, good practices and lessons of embarking countries in late Phase 2 or beyond, which are considered as good examples on the topic for emerging countries

The workshop is intended to provide basic knowledge on Phase 1 leading the Member State to make a knowledgeable decision on the introduction of nuclear power. As an introductory workshop it covers a broad range of issues to be considered in the development / introduction of a nuclear power programme.

The level of detail will be basic knowledge for decision-makers, which will make them acquainted with their national commitments and responsibilities needed to be fulfilled in a complete, appropriate, and timely manner for safe implementation in each phase of the prospective nuclear power programme. The emphasis will be on near term actions for Phase 1.

Although the main target countries for the workshop are those in Phase 1, participants, from embarking countries that have already given decision for introduction of nuclear power without systematically following and completing the Phase 1 activities, may also be invited to the workshop to remind them of their national commitments and responsibilities needed to be fulfilled in a complete and appropriate manner.

The workshop is based on the IAEA’s phased approach for the establishment of the nuclear safety infrastructure required for countries embarking on a nuclear power programme described in the IAEA safety guide SSG-16.

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| Last update: Thursday, 09 June, 2016.