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Establishing the Safety Infrastructure

Peer Review of the Nuclear Regulatory Framework in Embarking Nuclear Power States - IRRS tailored for the embarking countries

(for late Phase 2 or Phase 3 countries)


  • To strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of the national regulatory infrastructure of requesting embarking countries for nuclear safety in the guidance of SSG-16
  • To explore the adequacy of its national regulatory policies that influence the efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory infrastructure and to identify opportunities for improvement, as well as identifying successful /approaches that may be shared with other Member States
  • To share regulatory experiences, to harmonize regulatory approaches among Member States and to create mutual learning opportunities among regulators
  • To discuss on legal, technical and organizational issues that need careful consideration when establishing an efficient and effective regulatory body
  • To share experiences, good practices and lessons of embarking countries in late Phase 2 or beyond, which are considered as good examples on the topic for emerging countries

For this purpose, the expert mission will review the existing nuclear regulatory framework of the requesting embarking country in accordance with the IRRS Guidelines for comparison against SSG-16 and where appropriate, good practices elsewhere. This peer review will cover all essential elements of a nuclear regulatory framework, particularly:

  • Legislative and governmental responsibilities concerning regulation of nuclear facilities
  • Responsibilities and functions of the nuclear regulatory body
  • Organization and staffing of the nuclear regulatory body
  • The authorization process
  • Review and assessment
  • Inspection and enforcement
  • The development of regulations and guides
  • The management system of the nuclear regulatory body

This peer review service mission is conducted/planned at the request of the member state. Its implementation is preceded by the performance of a self-assessment

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