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Safety Assessment Education and Training (SAET) Programme

Sharing Safety Expertise through the SAET Programme

The SAET Programme supports Member States in developing the required safety assessment capacity and competences.

SAET: A comprehensive and sustainable training programme

  • Provides a consistent set of ready-to-use training modules evaluated by senior experts;
  • Ensures content quality and maximum education and training effectiveness;
  • Delivers a sustainable means of conducting high quality workshops and seminars;
  • Includes multilevel training – from introductory to analyst training.

Developed for a wide range of training needs

The SAET Programme addresses the education and training needs of regulatory authorities, technical support organizations and plant operators from countries developing new or expanding nuclear power programmes seeking to enhance their safety assessment competency.

Based on the IAEA safety standards and international expertise

The SAET Programme is based on the IAEA safety standards used in safety assessment activities.


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| Last update: Thursday, 04 February, 2016.