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Safety Assessment Capacity and Competency Review - SACCR

IAEA Member States planning to operate or operating a nuclear facility need to develop sufficient safety assessment capacity to assure effective regulations and decision making for safe operation.

Because of the complex character of safety assessment and the diversity of skill requirements, the IAEA offers advisory services on Safety Assessment Capacity building and Competency Review (SACCR).

The SACCR offers the following advisory services to Member States:

  • Review of existing capacities and the educational and training infrastructure
  • Support in the development of capacity requirements
  • Support in the development of capacity building strategies considering national and regional infrastructures
  • Support and guidance in the development of sustainable education and training programmes for safety assessment capacity and knowledge management.

The SACCR is based on the IAEA Safety Standard safety assessment requirements and the Safety Assessment Education and Training Programme (SAET) knowledge requirements for safety assessment competency and best practices among Member States.

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| Last update: Thursday, June 20, 2013.